Slummy mummies get pyjama warning…

GREAT story in the Andytown News about how the Lower Falls Tracksuit – better known as ‘pyjamas’ – has migrated to south east Belfast. A Short Strand school principal has written to mothers who wear pyjamas while leaving their kids to school that they are being “disrespectful” and setting a “bad example”. St Matthew’s principal Joe McGuinness said up to 50 pyjama-wearing mums leave their kids to school each morning. But he added that European laws exist which prevent principals from banning pyjamas from schools.“There used to be about 15 to 20 pyjama-wearing parents, but there is anything up to 50 now, and they are all women,” McGuinness said.

“People don’t go to see a solicitor, bank manager or doctor dressed in pyjamas, so why do they think it’s okay to drop their children off at school dressed like that?

“It’s about respect and setting children a bad example.

“There is an old word called slovenliness, which means messy and lazy. I think this can be applied to people who spend the day dressed in pyjamas.”