Harney being wooed by both sides…

Just two out of eight seats left in the Dail, but the PDs are being courted by both major parties. Even so, aryHarney is not giving anything away. And Paddy Power, Betfair, et al don’t get to pay out on the sharpest punters for another while, whilst the internal horsetrading continues.

Update: Interesting aside from Trevor Sargent, who clearly thinks Harney’s response will be critical to his own party’s advance.


  • susan

    Ah! I had just noticed while labouring away on the “FG definitely not talking to SF” thread that “the new Mary Harney’ website will be available soon” (http://www.maryharney.ie/)

    Wonder what’s in the works?

  • I have a feeling that was there before the election – though I may be wrong.

  • dodrade

    It would be a disgrace if Harney was allowed to remain in the cabinet after three quarters of her party was turfed out.

  • prolefodder

    The PDs have no choice but to enter into whatever coalition will have them/needs them as they’re dead as a party otherwise. Its a remarkable ‘top-down’ party in having very little grassroots membership and existing largely on big names and being in power – can’t seem them lasting long without being in power (in whatever reduced form). With ‘Big Mac’ gone and other PD TDs failed to be elected, there is a mood (not sure how strong) within the PDs to ‘rejoin the FF gene pool’ – see interview with PD Founder Dessie O’Malley’s daughter on RTE on Monday.

  • prolefodder