Oh dear..

The candidates for post of the deputy leader of the Labour Party appeared on a Newsnight special tonight.. and, after presenting his manifesto, the Secretary of State for Wales etc, Peter Hain, was asked by Jeremy Paxman

“And you’re uniquely qualified to be an “umbilical cord”?”

Additionally, in the course of the subsequent debate, Peter Hain answered ‘Yes’ to the question “Are you in favour of a new generation of nuclear power stations?” Nuclear Nimby, indeed.

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  • “And you’re uniquely qualified to be an “umbilical cord”?”

    Who gets to sever him?

    He’s still 14-1, so I guess ‘His own party’ is the likeliest answer.

    Worth a perusal:

    How do you rebrand someone who is generally regarded as a perma-tanned, smooth-skinned, limousine-chauffeured New Labour apparatchik? You rebrand him as a leftwing rebel who would like nothing better than to swap his well-pressed trousers for jeans and dig up a pitch in protest against something.

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    Right thread…

    Interesting that the Secretary of State for NI answered Paxman without hesitation last night that he was in favour of a new generation of nuclear power stations.

    Yet he has specifically ruled out positioning one in NI. “ There are no plans to build any nuclear power stations in Northern Ireland – that is the view I have taken as secretary of state.”

    Why, well because it is “part of an understanding we have with the Irish government, who are opposed to any new nuclear build on the whole island of Ireland.” (BBC)

    Plan B alive and well eh?

    Are we part of the UK or not, if nuclear is good enough for England, why is it bad for Northern Ireland?

    It would be interesting to know what the alleged hardline unionist now in charge of DETI thinks of this issue.