Oh, and another thing…

SuperSoupy points out that the figures offered by DENI, point to a deficit in the number of Catholics who declared themselves as such the 2001 Census. SS writes:

The most recent school leaver statistics showed 20% more Catholics (12,900) than Protestants (10,800)and 1,900 others leaving school in 2005/06 only 280 ethnic kids. (table 6) Over a 1,000 Catholic children leaving school but educated outside the CCMS. 20% is a high differential for those of us who remain deeply suspicious of the census re-designation of non-respondents. It’s very interesting as the schools are reporting information that may have been left blank on census forms. 10% others not being re-labelled and a clear showing of demographics at the lower age range. I always thought the demographic aspect wasn’t as clear as the NICSA tried to make it.

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