DUP Minister for Gay Equality voices homosexual hatred…

AFTER one DUP minister spent most of the day lecturing other parties that they were in breach of the ministerial code, another DUP minister appears to be in breach of, um, the ministerial code. Junior Minister, Paisley Junior, says he’s “repulsed” by gays and added: “I think it is wrong. I think that those people harm themselves and – without caring about it – harm society.” As part of his daddy’s office, Junior is partly responsible for delivering equality – as well as £180,000 grant aid to gay, lesbian and bisexual support groups – and his Pledge of Office includes a commitment to “act in accordance with the general obligations on government to promote equality and prevent discrimination”, while the Code obliges him to “operate in a way conducive to promoting good community relations and equality of treatment”. Paisley Minor is entitled to his views, but as a minister isn’t he bound by a code that requires him to keep the prejudiced, bigoted or sectarian ones to himself?

  • Porlock

    Sam Hanna,

    I’m not sure that I would want to “google an ex-sodomite”!

    A belief in a personal God who demands constant worship in exchange for not burning you in hell is, to borrow Paisley Jnr’s view of homosexuality, “perverse and obnoxious.”

    The wonderful thing about the Bible is that it gives you carte blanche to hate almost everyone who disagrees with you. It’s bloody Christians and their congenital arrogance which harms society. Let’s face it, no-one ever launched a war or crusade in defence of homosexuality!


  • snakebrain

    This has just been the most amusing thread I’ve read in ages, from engorged members being placed where they shouldn’t to Mr Hanna hanging on by his fingernails. I thought the days of undue respect for unfounded belief were gone, but apparently not for Sam.

    My only contribution is to say that I used to encounter Mr Paisley regularly in a professional context and can report that he gets on just famously with his supplier of expensive suits, shirts and 100 pound aftershaves who is, to say the least, very gay. No homophobia in play when he’s having his inside leg measured there anyway, or maybe he just thinks he’s a nice guy.

    He’ll know exactly who I mean…

  • TB

    “Only God could have worked this out.”

    Oy veh! That’s just one of very very many interpretations used to try to explain the stark literal inconsistency in the accounts of Joseph’s lineage. Incidentally, they are actually presented as accounts of Jesus’ lineage, and as he was supposed to be the son of the virgin Mary and the Holy Ghost, he is not supposed to be a descendent of Joseph at all.

    If Jesus is truly to be consdered a son of Joseph, what a wonderful example to all of those other adoptive parents out there, including the gay couples who have adopted children.

    “Sorry TB, your figures from the BMA state that it is possible to change.”

    The figures were from a peer-reviewed and published scientific study, and remember that it showed that 3% of people who wanted to change and had been through “conversion therapy” appeared to become functional heterosexuals. That accounts for 6 people out of a sample of 202. Maybe they did change, but maybe they were really straight or bisexual all along. Don’t forget that all 202 were people who willingly went through “conversion therapy” in the hope of changing their orientation.

    The more important figure is the 78% of people in the study who had experienced long-term psychological distress as a result of the “therapy”.

    “you can simply google ex-sodomites testimonies in abundance on the net”

    You can simply google the “testimonies” of very many more people who claim to have been abducted by flying saucers. Wise up, Sam – you cannot equate scientific demonstrable knowledge with your wee stories.

  • Sam Hanna

    Sorry, TB but you asked for a rational explanation and with a little mental activity the answer is very obvious. Your problem is that you have never read the Bible and draw down you analysis from rehashing some Liberals putative comments. Matthew and Luke would have to be very dumb to write blatent contradictions about an account of the life of a man they both believed was the Messiah. Christ is the descendant of Joseph legally, as in Jewish law they were married before His birth but only of Mary physically so He could avoid the sin pollution of the Adamic nature and the curse of Jechoniah’s prophecy. As I said, your problem is your ignorance not with the Bible.

    It is obtuse to simply keep stating statistics about the BMA when they change their mind on these things depending on the pre-suppositions of those that fund them. Sodomy is a moral issue not a scientific issue and to date the BMA cannot alter or opine on moral issues. So the only thing we can truly turn to is a source of moral authority and the testimonies of those who have had moral experiences. Sodomites cannot be changed by therapy anymore than paedophiles can be – these are changes of their wills. I have det out website after website of examples of men and women who engaged in this perverted and unnatural activity and were transformed into normal heterosexuals by the grace of God. Those are the unalterable facts that you cannot and will not deal with so you hide behind some obscure BMA report.

  • TB

    Sam, you have trotted out website after website that contain nothing but “testimonies” of people (assuming their stories aren’t invented) who have great motivation to claim that they have changed. When this is put to the test, it is shown up to be a tissue of lies, and you retreat into calling me ignorant.

    As I’ve said, all sorts of people testify on the web to alien abductions, ghost sightings, and every other kind of tosh imaginable.

    “Matthew and Luke would have to be very dumb to write blatent contradictions about an account of the life of a man they both believed was the Messiah”

    Those gospels are ascribed to Matthew and Luke. Critical biblical scholars, like Herman N. Ridderbos, do not consider the apostle Matthew to be the author of this Gospel. He cites a number of reasons such as the text being in Greek, not Aramaic, the Gospel’s heavy reliance on Mark, and the lack of characteristics usually attributed to an eyewitness account.

    The majority of scholars date Matthew’s gospel between the years 70 and 100. They date Mark’s gospel to around the late 60s and early 70s.

    In other words, they weren’t around when Jesus was born, and would have no realistic way of knowing his lineage.

    If you retreat to “ah, yes, but they were divinely inspired”, then we may as well pack up and go home.

    To hand you a small victory, I will admit that I cannot compete with you when rationality is removed from the argument – you have the luxury of being able to shrug your shoulders when faced with questions about the dinosaurs, geoology, the impossiblity of Noah’s ark, and just say “I don’t care – I believe [my inpterpretation of] the bible.”

    The BMA had nothing to do with the study that I mentioned. And as I said, all reputable scientific medical and psychiatric organisations roundly reject the notion that homosexuality is a disorder. To the best of my knowledge, they are not funded from the Bank of Satan.

    “Those are the unalterable facts”

    That’s what people like you said in the past to justify reliance on biblical teaching defend the subjugation of women, slavery, the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, and much worse.

    The fact that you trot it out today in reference to your wish to demonise, subjugate, control and wish away gay people is utterly typical.

  • joeCanuck


    He didn’t say that the interview was held before he took office. He said that it was arranged before he took office. Big difference.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    OK, fair enough.

    This thread is very long, so I’m closing it, and the debate continues here.