City of Derry Airport to re-open at midnight

Having suspended, provisionally, the City of Derry Airport’s aerodrome licence on midnight of the 24th May due to a “systematic failure of safety management”, according to the BBC report “Throughout the weekend contractors were on site completing a number of improvements” and, following a joint inspection by the CAA and the Airport Authority, the airport’s statement says – “Both parties were satisfied that the airport could re-open from midnight tonight (Monday 28th May).”

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  • 2016

    Is that the airport in County Londonderry?

  • Pete Baker

    Yes, but it’s official name is the City of Derry Airport – as it is a Derry City Council owned property, no doubt.

    Get over it.

  • Not to point out the obvious, but why did it take the suspension of it’s license and shutting down to force them to make these improvements which were apparently fairly easy? I feel dumb even pointing it out, NI seems like the most cynical place in the world (which is understandable, and a good quality if you ask me), and this is probably not very surprising that if it is down to the Council that the airport was left to be so delinquent in safety?

  • Pete Baker


    Those are not dumb questions.

    As an earlier BBC report pointed out

    Mr Devine said the closure seemed to have happened as a result of a CAA inspection which was invited by the airport management.

    “This really transpired out of works that we are planning to do at the airport,” he said.

    “We recently have been attempting to purchase land by compulsory purchase and went through a public inquiry.

    “We highlighted the issue of safety at the public inquiry for the reasons for doing the work.

    “And as a result we invited the CAA to come along and carry out an audit to regularise these various issues we have been operating with and have them formally recognised.

    “It was a result of that audit – some nine days ago – that they have taken this action.”

    Which doesn’t exactly answer your question.. but does give the background for the decision to suspend the licence.

    The question of why the airport management were running an unsafe airport is a different matter..

  • Ziznivy

    The noun is “licence”, no matter what our American friends may think.

    I’ve had a wonderful weekend in airports, experiencing a grand total of 6 hours delay on two flights to and from Leeds, which take 35 minutes each once you’re in the air.

    Jet 2 are a joke.

    I’m also none to pleased that Derry City Airport has reopened.

  • I’ve set up a site to encourage support for the airport.

    It’s not totally finished, it’s basically a forum at the moment but pop along and put in your 10p worth!