About that Charter..

The UTV report on the launch of Sinn Féin’s Charter for Unionist Engagement provides some of the detail outlines of their strategy.. although I suspect that it was written in the expectation of a different result from last week’s Irish General Election.. Adds Charter available here [4.17Mb pdf file]ANYhoo.. according to the report

Sinn Fein`s new charter for unionist engagement outlined how the party would protect the rights of all sections of society in a united Ireland and sets out how it will engage unionists and other groups about its strategy.

The document, which was also launched by Stormont Agriculture Minister Michelle Gildernew and Foyle Assembly member Martina Anderson, vowed to:

:: Campaign for a new agreed Irish Constitution based on the separation of powers between the executive, legislature and judiciary which would be endorsed by the people and also press for a charter of rights.

:: Decentralise decision-making to empower citizens and include minorities in the processes which impact on their lives.

:: Ensure all groups including those traditionally excluded from economic, social and political power are given equal rights and respect.

:: Make sure government delivers not only tolerance towards all religions, races and marginalised groups but eradicates sectarianism, racism and other forms of discrimination.

:: Guarantee a full separation between Church and state, with civil and religious liberty for all, everyone free to practice their faith and no religion having a preferential position in society.

:: Promote a national reconciliation process across Ireland.

Perhaps they should have launched that before the Irish General Election? [Perhaps not – Ed]

Adds According to the Charter, “the media” has responsibilities..

The Media

In a democratic society the role of a free press is essential. The media has a responsibility to reflect the diversity of society, to set a positive context for engagement on the basis of our common humanity and to work to end all forms of prejudice, stereotyping and the degradation of human beings.

Which I think we may have heard before..