“This has been a huge inconvenience to our customers..”

Following talks between a delegation from City of Derry Airport and the Civil Aviation Authority on the provisional, and sudden, suspension of their aerodrome licence last night, due to a “systematic failure of safety management”, they’ve released a brief joint statement.. which, as the BBC points out, doesn’t say when that suspension might be lifted.. beyond “as soon as possible.”The joint statement from the CAA and City of Derry Airport

The CAA and senior representatives from City of Derry Airport held a meeting this afternoon to discuss the provisional suspension of the aerodrome licence.

The meeting was very constructive and the CAA is pleased with the positive approach that the airport is taking.

In particular, the CAA is reassured by the commitment shown by Derry City Council to develop and implement a credible plan to ensure the safety of operations at City of Derry (Eglinton) Airport. A list of actions has been agreed which the airport will progress over the next few days:

– A full audit of the aerodrome, which has already been initiated
– A thorough review of the Safety Management System
– The immediate implementation of remedial actions to address issues identified by the CAA and the airport

The CAA will be working closely with the airport’s management team with further contact tomorrow to ensure that the airport can be re-opened as soon as possible.

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  • SuperSoupy

    Good god, there’s an election going on can’t you leave this noise until tomorrow!


    It’s like spam. Who cares.

  • Yokel

    As a Belfast lad why do I find this amusing….

  • Pete Baker

    Life, and other news, continues while the votes are counted, SS.

    Still, could be worse.. there could have been a lunar eclipse..

  • Slight difference in tone, don’t you think, between the commentary (“sudden suspension”, “systematic failure”) and the actual statement (“provisional suspension”, “positive approach”, “remedial actions”)?

    It should be remembered that the CAA was there at the Airport management’s invitation, and that it took a week between inspection and suspension: neither seem to imply major grief.

    Of course, the distress and inconvenience of several thousand travellers, over a Bank Holiday weekend, should not be allowed to intrude into scrutinising the electoral tea-leaves, or Laganside schadenfreude.