One last round up…

Dan O’Sullivan asks a highly pertainent question: were we all judging the wrong debate? He argues that the poor quality of the minor game may have carried more weight than the face off between Enda and Bertie. Mairtin is counting on Donegal NE to pull something out of the fire for Sinn Fein. Gerry O, with Go on. Yeh Boy Yeh!. And Sarah rips loose with that now morally unblemished SSIA windfall. Donagh’s time travelling back to 1977… Kathy has a global roundup…


  • sammaguire

    No, the “senior” game decided it. Bertie started nervously but was well on top by half time and had murdered Enda by full time. The truth is Enda is a lightweight and the debate exposed this. Two mediocre years as Tourism Minister will be Enda’s legacy. More worryingly for the voters was the obvious lack of talent in the FG team apart from Richard Bruton. Labour have better quality but will FF spurn them after Quinn’s (good Blackrock College socialist) outrageous reference to FF as “the gangsters winning” on RTE this evening (sour grapes from a “socialist” who’s more at home sipping expensive French wines than canvassing in a council estate). Looking forward to the horse trading. Will the Rabbitte eat humble pie? My guess is that he will. There’s a chaffeur driven Mercedes at stake… and of course he’s a socialist (won’t mention his daughter attending her 4000 per year grind school!).

  • Wilde Rover

    It is interesting to note that half the players in the minor game will not be in the next Dail.

    It would seem fair to say this is the first purely post-ideological election in the Republic, freed from the constitutional side show to the north.

    What was SF thinking when it put forward Gerry Adams for the debate? It was like pulling a supporter out of the crowd to go in goals in a World Cup final.

    His bland soundbites in the debate attest to the party’s inability to comprehend the mechanisms of government.

    In this election, SF has done little to disprove the notion that fundamentally it is an Ulster One-Trick-Pony Party.