RTE: meltdown for the independents?

Informal predictions on RTE make for some interesting reading:

FF 79; FG 50; Lab 19; Green 6; SF 5; Ind 4.

IIRC, that’s down ten seats!!


  • jaffa

    Aren’t there two seats missing from that?

  • Ginfizz

    Sinn Fein 5

    Please make it so!! LOL!!!

  • Mick Fealty

    One would probably be Ardal O’Hanlon’s dad (ie An Ceann Chomhairle).

  • jaffa

    An FF/Green coalition would save some faces. Pat wouldn’t have to step aside to let Gerry through to honour his pre-election position and FF wouldn’t have to rely on SF votes.

    It would also fit with the aspiration of some of the party’s leaders to re-cast FF as a modern, mainstream European liberal party.

  • páid

    wot no pd?

  • jaffa

    There should be 165 before Ardal’s dad. There’s 163 there.

  • jaffa

    Aha! 2 PD’s are missing.

  • Ginfizz,

    Which political party do you support…

  • Ginfizz


  • Ginfizz


    Well it all depends:

    In England: Conservatives
    In USA: Republicans
    In Germany: CDU
    In France: UMP
    In Spain: PP
    In RoI: Anyone but Sinn Fein
    In NI: Well now that would be telling!

  • Ginfizz,

    Most people are happy to state their party preferences and honourably debate their legitimately held opinions in a democratic fashion. Your entire blogging existence seems to consist of making antaganostic posts about one political party.

    It is easy to state what you one is against in life. It is much more difficult to state clearly who one supports and to stand over that and also to articulate what you believe in.

    The world and his dog now knows that you hate Sinn Fein cos that is exclusively the only topic of your pots.

    I simply wondered if you actually believed in anything yourself or if you had the courage to state which party gets your vote…

  • Ginnfizz,

    I see you have already taken the cowards way out with regard to your local party preferences. At least I dont wear a mask…

  • SuperSoupy

    FF/Gn coalition? While early days this could still be very interesting. Late night for anoraks.

  • Ginfizz


    I think its more than obvious which political party I support in Northern Ireland elections, but I fail to see how that is relevant to discussions about elections in a different country.

    If I come out and say “I vote Unionist” – you with your twisted mindset will take this as great evidence of just how evil all the other parties are in the Republic because a Unionist wants them to beat Sinn Fein.

    Forgive me for not indulging in that sectarian game.

  • jaffa


    Makes one think of Dev, country crafts, local democracy and a gentler pace of life. Natural coalition I’d say.

    Better than those pushy urban PD types anyway.

  • Actually Ginzizz,

    It is most certainly not obvious whom you support. Far from it. Otherwise i wouldnt have asked! ‘Unionist’ tells me nothing whatsoever because I can think of at least 6 Unionist Parties off the top of my head?

    Why so secretive?

    Anyway, on to more important matters…!

    Are you, as your name may imply, an afficianado of Gin? I only ask, because I’ve been a lifelong Bacardi drinker and have only recently ‘converted’ to Gin after a friend talked me into having a few on a trip to The States. Do you prefer bitter lemon or tonic…?

  • Do you prefer bitter lemon or tonic…?

    Tonic and lime is the way to go. Especially if you can get Thai limes.

  • jaffa

    “Are you, as your name may imply, an afficianado of Gin? I only ask, because I’ve been a lifelong Bacardi drinker and have only recently ‘converted’ to Gin after a friend talked me into having a few on a trip to The States. Do you prefer bitter lemon or tonic…?”

    This is the stuff of which friendships are made.

    MacSwiney for unionist outreach officer!

    A splash of vermouth to sour it up IMHO.

  • Ginfizz


    I’m more of a bitter orange man myself!

  • Ginfizz

    Sorry I couldn’t resist it – G&T for me.

  • darth rumsfeld

    Gin of course was one of the civilising influences brought into the UK by William Prince of Orange when his Dutch courtiers popularised the drink which I think used to be called jenever.

    So a loyal man like ginfizz can snort a Tanquerey to the wee man who saved us from knaves and knavery, slaves and slavery, brass money and wooden shoes

    Pip pip!

  • tom

    congratulations on lightening the tone.

    Its only politics, one’s favourite tipple is much more interesting:)

  • Ha ha! I walked into that one Ginfizz…

  • pith

    Darth Rumsfeld,

    When gin started to be mass mass consumed it was considered to be responsible for social breakdown in the way drug abuse and binge drinking is now. Have a look at Hogarth’s Gin Lane and see if 18th century England should have been grateful to wee King Billy and his pals for bringing over their jenever.

    The Dutch also gave us stout. Now that is civilised.

  • Ginfizz


    Boodles British Gin – as favoured by WSC.

  • darth rumsfeld

    yeth, you’re abtholutely correct. It thertainly ith time for Thinn Fein’th Unionitht outreatcth offither (“Me da’th a prod, hi”) to recognithe that thith proveth the thuperiority of the Protethtant cauthe

    I’ll get me thathh

  • IJP

    Throw in PDs 2 and this is still looking very close to correct.