PDs in big, big trouble…

Looks like some bad news for Sinn Fein, but their inveterate rivals on the right could be no more after this dust up. Mary HarneyThe Irish Times reports:

…with 74 per cent of the boxes opened, PD leader Michael McDowell is in serious trouble and looks like being in a dog fight with Green Party chairman John Gormley for the last seat.

In Laois-Offaly, PD president Tom Parlon is in serious difficulty, and with more than 70 per cent of the votes tallied, he has just 8 per cent of the first preferences.

In Dublin South PD deputy leader Liz O’Donnell is also struggling and, based on the early tallies, looks unlikely to retain her seat.

And, whilst there is no such bad news for the Greens, their expected step forward will be pushed to materialise through transfers:

The Green Party does not appear to be polling strongly, and in Galway West, where the party was hoping to make a gain, sitting mayor Niall Ó Brolcháin is some way off the pace.


  • Brian Boru

    One of the most annoying aspects of this is that judging by the latest figures, the PD vote actually seems to have risen to 4.6% nationally – but we’re losing at least half our seats….. 🙁

  • Robert Keogh

    It’s a pity about Tom and Liz as they are the only PDs I have any respect for.

    Getting Rabid MacDowell out would have made this election a success but it’s looking like a dream come true with the possibility of no PD seats. Something I’ve been hoping for each election since Dessie founded the party.

    If only George Colley had won the FF leadership contest. Oh well.

  • Brian Boru

    Robert there will deffo be at least 2 PDs. Grealish is now almost certain to be elected – surprisingly the 3-candidate strategy worked again raising the PD vote to 16%. He is in the bag. Harney is going to get in she is third in Dub MW. McDowell and Tim O’Malley is facing a tough battle but FF transfers may bring them in. Remember the party survived having 4 seats before and bounced back and will again. 😉

  • Robert Keogh

    Brian one can hope though 🙂 The party conference in a telephone box joke has been omnipresent in my household since their 2nd election.

    Results just in and for Dublin SE – it’s going to be a very close battle for the last seat. It’ll be interesting to see the who transfers to O’Malley vs McDowell (sorry for the typo earlier), I have a suspicion McDowell will prove to be transfer repellant but that could easily be wishful thinking.

  • Robert Keogh

    McDowell is saying he’s packing politics in. Let’s be clear here, politics has packed HIM in!

    Will Harney be resuming the leadership?

    I’ve cracked the Talisker open.