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Before the off Mairtin muses on the possibility of Sinn Fein eclipsing Labour on (what’s left of) the left. Simon at Ireland’s hardest working blog, Irishelection.com on the story so far. Check out their mysay site for the latest pod reports from around the country. If you have something to add, wherever you are, join in!

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  • slug

    “Will SF get to double figures? I expect so as there campaign on the ground has been well-received in the constituencies they’re targeting. Will they get to 11 or better? The performance of Sean McManus in Sligo-Leitrim will tell us how strong the swing to SF is going to be so keep an eye to that very tight constituency.”

    Far from overtaking labour as the main party of the left, it looks like they didn’t reach 7% and will be down 1 (or maybe 2) seats.

    This blog entry reminds me of his sales projections for Daily Ireland, which never got past the Larne Times.

  • Mick Fealty

    Please, I’d like keep the Schardenfreude to a minimum… I was kind of in the same territory with my Guardian blog yesterday (written on Thursday)…

    They are right to point to the big squeeze… But Labour suffered from that too, and came out in much better shape… Another thing is that going on last minute shifts in the polling is misleading…

    Labour’s poll rating never came out of a 10-14% corridor between 2002 and Thursday’s election… Sinn Fein’s were all over the place… The top line was 14% early on, but dipped as far as 6-7%.

    Underneath, I can’t help think that, on top of the basket case economics, the unsavoury events of 2005 had a spoiling effect on its final performance…

  • Dewi

    Not a bad performance in the north (I mean north of the 26 counties or Eire or the Free state) – Sinn Fein a competitive pary in Monaghan, Cavan, Donegal and Louth.
    Basket case economics get my vote.

  • slug

    Sinn Féins performance is a great deal worse than the expectation. People were talking about them getting 10 seats. Some people thought 15 seats.

    Was it really the Northern Bank robbery?

    Was it just that they aren’t somehow very credible south of the border?

    Or was it just bad luck.

    I am inclined to think there is something in the argument that they fell victim to the Enda v Bertie show, but it seems they have their own weaknesses too.