Playground politics…

DESPITE the new political dispensation, attacks on Catholic homes in north Belfast have led the NIO to plan a new security peaceline – through the playground of an integrated school. The irony of a school which tries to bring the two main communities together now being used to keep them apart need hardly be pointed out.

  • jaun

    Dspite sluggers claims of balance, reports on secterian incidents remain one sided and mis leading,

  • Perhaps The DUP should be working to stop this vicious cycle of sectarian attacks on Catholic homes, rather than the likes of Sammy Wilson doing his stand-up routine every day in The Assembly at taxpayers expense…

  • DK

    Surely lighting and CCTV would be better. Since these were installed at the Limestone Road interface the trouble there has dropped to next to nothing.

  • carnmoney

    The tragedy is that this fence will perpetuate divisions after some excellent community work which has kept the Whiewell area quieter in the last year. This fence is a response to an attack last August and is totally out of date.

    We will never build a shared future by building walls, and it must be the ultimate irony for a Government allegedly committed to a shared future creating divisions in the grounds of an integrated school which has brought children together in this difficult part of North Belfast.

  • Pounder

    I would have hoped that we’d be planning for peacewalls to start coming down, sadly more are planned to go up. Doesn’t fill me with much confidance in the continuing peace process.

  • wild turkey

    ‘A spokesman for the Northern Ireland Office said: “The minister has – on advice from the PSNI – agreed that a mesh fence should be erected to protect residents living in the Throne Park area. This decision was taken only after extensive consultation with residents, political representatives and the school.” ‘

    Extensive consultation?

    Betcha Hazelwood Primary was dead set against the fence/wall. What weight was given to the views of the school? I know as a parent of two children who attend the school, my views were not sought in any consultation.

    But then again based on their previous consultation track record, why would the neo-colonials in the NIO give a shit. It would not be surprising if the decision was made and the ‘extensive’ consultation was a scam.

    Residents and political representatives? Who, when, where, what..etc, etc?

  • Shore Road Resident

    Glad to see macswiney focusing in on the real issue here – that somebody took the píss out of Conor Murphy.
    What are you? His mother?

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Good to see that in a thread titled ‘Playground politics’ no-one is engaging in them.

    Or not, as the case may be…