Money laundering charges against republican

Brian Arthurs, reportedly a senior republican, has been charged with fraudulently obtaining money and money laundering. (Commentors are reminded that this specific case is now sub-judice.)

  • Yokel

    Before anyone starts firing off, lets just see whwho or what he was doing this for.

  • Yokel


    By the way for any republicans who think this is politically inspired, it may well be but not the way you might think.

    SF and much of the republican movement that it carries with it are in a position where the government can quite happily go about clamping down on ‘conventional’ crime that may be committed by those who are part of the republican movement. They can just send the cops out to crack down on it.

    It’s a huge big stick that the government have and they’ll probably use it on occasion.

  • Pounder

    They could take that big stick off away from the Brits by not breaking the fecking law in the first place. If you’re gonna be a prominant member/supporter of a cause it’s best not to draw so much negative attention to yourself.

  • J_K

    Then again – there could be a political agenda at work involving a specific ex-branch man in the area who is a current member of the PSNI and who was named by Rosemary Nelson in her report to the United Nations as being involved in threatening her life before she was murdered.

  • Yokel

    Aye J_K…the bottom line is someone has been given the power to do it and that power comes from government.

    See the picture?

  • crow

    Hmmmmm lets see if this charge sticks or it just disapears.

  • redhaze

    I’d expect to see more of this in the future.

    Now that SF have bought into the partitionist set-up, or ‘here’ according to the Conor fella, it would be surprising if the Brits didn’t give prominent Republicans the gears.

    There is absolutely nothing that SF can do except grin and bear it..unless of course Maskey writes another one of his angry letters to number 10 Downing Street.

    May be it was his harsh tones that got Arthurs charged?

  • And Shinners running for election down Mexico way too 🙂