Ireland look set to retain ICC Intercontinental Cup

Thanks to regular commenter esmeraldavillalobos for reminding me that Ireland’s cricket team have been in action again, and in a city I used to know quite well. The final of the ICC Intercontinental Cup, which Ireland currently hold, started at Leicester’s Grace Road ground today – the first day of a potential 4 day test against Canada. Ireland have one [or more – Ed] hand on the cup already having dismissed skittled Canada all out for 92 runs, they ended today’s play on 250 for 3. Their World Cup experience seems to be telling, although they were favourites, and there was a Intercontinental record, and an Irish record too, set with the opening partnership of Jeremy Bray and William Porterfield making 202 runs before Bray was caught with 146 runs to his name. Scorecard here