The Eagle has pandered…

NORTHERN Ireland’s new Criminal Justice Minister, Maria Eagle MP, has – somewhat shamefully in my opinion – voted to give the Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill a third reading. The Bill makes Members of Parliament and Lords exempt from its provisions, as well as correspondence between MPs and public authorities – although some suspect that the latter is already covered by the Data Protection Act. Surely such a ‘squalid’ Bill is not designed to hide members’ expenses from public view? Wouldn’t that be a total and utter disgrace, Ms Eagle, coming just after Gordon Brown spoke of the need for politicians to gain the public’s trust? Well, even Gordo has changed his mind from his launch speech a few days ago when he said he wanted to “build a shared national consensus for a programme of constitutional reform that strengthens the accountability of all who hold power”, now saying he won’t stand in MPs’ way to pass this cover-up Bill. What a nice Prime Minister-to-be – from Chancellor to chancer.

  • SuperSoupy


    Surprised you didn’t mention the votes of our local MPs who attend:

    None of them bothered (from what I see).

    Seems abstentionism is growing.

  • wild turkey


    whatever happened to plausible deniability?

    On a serious note does anyone know if there are any ways, real or potential, that this scam can or might be extended to cover members of regional assemblies including are esteemed MLAs?

    As a point of info. Ireland’s Freedom of Information Act, passed in 1997 applies to the Irish Parliament. While information about private citizens’ personal affairs is protected, information about MPs’ expenses are disclosed.

  • Gonzo

    Surprised you didn’t mention the votes of our local MPs who attend

    Because, as you say, none of them voted!

    Wonder if any of the other UK parliaments have similar plans? I doubt it, and I hope not.

  • Just been reading Hansard, linked above. Both the DUP and the Ulster Unionists were mentioned as not having opposed the bill. Does anyone know if our local parties actually took a position on this Prevention of Scrutiny of MPs Bill?