Peace process pub goes up in smoke…

ANY journalist who covered the peace talks at Hillsborough Castle will be familiar with the picturesque village’s local watering hole, the famous Plough Inn, just across The Square. Many a hack from near and far will have taken shelter from the elements there while awaiting the emergence of politicians from the negotiations. Sadly, the pub has been severely damaged in a fire.

  • parcifal

    Very sad gonzo & senseless who would do this and why?

  • I wonder…

    Was it deliberate, or an accident?

  • Peace process pub goes up in smoke…I’m wondering is this an omen related to the peace process.

  • Gonzo

    Someone has been arrested on suspicion of arson.

  • Katinka

    Yes, a person has been arrested and will appear in Lisburn Magistrates Court on Monday. Only part of the pub has been destroyed, they hope to open the public bar and restaurant tomorrow.

  • I wonder…

    here and everywhere else a blogger that u defended has banned my pov, on a tangledweb, in the ploughh as elsewhwere no one can object to david vances viewin the BBC,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I Wonder

    Did David Vance burn down the Plough?

    Was he a member of Ulster Resistance?

    Will he decommission?