Dodds backs all island gas market…

Nigel Dodds reckons that an all island gas market, just makes common sense…

  • The times they are-a-changing…

  • interested

    How are they changing exactly? Ireland aint going to be ‘reunited’ through gas…..

  • Tochais Síoraí

    ….and a little trickle of water came through the dyke……

  • On the economy, I’d expect a lot more than a trickle. Maybe you just haven’t been keeping up with the documents.

  • Interested,

    There is rarely a day that passes now without some form of All-Ireland economic initiative being proposed, considered or implemented. Our overall infastructure incorporating economic, transportation and communication systems are increasingly being organised on an All-Ireland basis.

    I sense that ceratin factions of Unionism are well-ahead of their electorate in finally realising the huge amount of economic benefits which can be obtained from implementing the fundamental facilities and systems on this island on an All-Ireland basis.

    Like I said, the times they are-a-changing…

  • “he would consider any arrangement that benefited people North and South”

    Nigel Dodds doing his best for people in the South – maybe the DUP plan to match Sinn Fein as an all Ireland party – when are they opening Dublin branch?

  • joeCanuck

    “Policys” ?

  • John East Belfast

    I think people are running ahead of themselves because they see “All Ireland”

    The key word is Market – not Economy.

    The Former means how best to deliver, buy and sell things and the Latter is about Monetary and Fiscal Policy.

    Gas should be traded (bought and paid for) on this island like any other commodity.

    I really dont know what the fuss is about – we have an all Island Market for most things so why gas should be any different is beyond me.

  • Mick Fealty

    Indeed John. Just don’t have a category for ‘market’ on the sidebar.

  • qubol

    Yesterday too – BT announced that working on an all-Ireland basis was delivering results

    “The integration of our operations north and south has given us access to better economies of scale and we now have an excellent platform for growth”

    The point is that, all-island makes sense. That means whether your building a telecoms network, selling gas, working out health-care provision or running government – the most logical approach is an all-island approach. This was the gist of an Economist article last year which said that business would be the driver to a United Ireland. It makes sense cos Business is less often blinded by historical prejudices than those in public office.

  • Frustrated Democrat

    At this rate the DUP will soon be another Nationalist party

  • páid

    If all-Ireland networks are so important, nobody ever told the IRA, who, if I recall, used to spend a good deal of energy blowing up power and rail interconnectors.

    There is an all-Europe gas network. So what?

  • qubol

    páid: “There is an all-Europe gas network. So what?”

    We already have an all-Ireland gas network what has been agreed by Dodds is an all-Ireland market. There’s a big difference.

  • I Wonder

    Business in interested in markets. First rule of business: maximise your market, don’t split it up. I think the nightmare/dream of a UI will happen in a way undreamt by any of those who most feared/longed for it. Ireland is united -against smokers and of course it makes sense to regard the island as a single entity for gas supplies electricity…policing?

  • J Kelly

    we are on our way….2016

  • smcgiff

    What with the crowing an all-Ireland Gas market induces I’m not sure I want to be around to witness what it would be like if the island was politically united.

  • fair_deal

    The establishment of an all-island market is pretty much a basic precursor to establishing British Isles market etc etc.
    Belief in the Union isn’t threatened by cheaper gas if in fact that occurs but judging by the underwhelming start to the all-island electricty market I will wait and see.

  • páid


    I accept of course that there is a difference between a network and a market, but they are fundamentally related.
    As far as I can make out, once you’re on the network you can buy and sell gas from anywhere; Russia, North Sea, Mayo, as long as you pay the transit charges.
    My point is that those who see all-Ireland gas markets and networks as steps to a politically united Ireland really must have been sniffing it.

  • qubol

    “My point is that those who see all-Ireland gas markets and networks as steps to a politically united Ireland really must have been sniffing it.”

    Well of course they are steps towards it. For a united Ireland to become realty it will take integration on all sorts of levels and for those who lack the political will to make it happen (Unionists) then they will be shown that unity (and the steps towards it) won’t do them harm but actually contribute positively to their lives.

  • Mayo Man

    Firstly no Gas should come to Ireland North or South from Mayo until people support the disgrace that is Rossport. This is a cause that both sides of your divided communities should speak out against.
    Rant over

  • Bigger Picture

    Flip if this is what people on here are trying to slant towards the start of a United Ireland then they’ve given up hope of it ever happening!

    Applying simple economics it makes sense to broaden your market and decrease costs by selling off excess commodoties or bringing extra in when neccessary. This is happening on a European wide level right across the EU, it is in part what the movement of personel, free goods, and services is all about.

    The ROI is NI’s, in the same way as mainland Britain imports more goods to the ROI than any other country (re Bertie’s speech at Westminster) biggest trading partner and therefore co-operation is needed in order to provide goods and services and to stabilise the economy – In short in the same way that every other market economy in Europe operates. ( Pause for gasp )

    To think of it as a step towards a united ireland is quite frankly an insult to all those that are trying to build up the economy and infrastructure of NI for the better. Every economy in the world operates in this way except for North Korea and the then Nazi Germany

  • Bigger Picture

    # After “the ROI is NI’s” it is meant to say greatest trading partner, got too ahead of myself!

  • Aquifer

    Nigel is on the ball here

    As Putin becomes more assertive in his control of gas resources, and as the new Irish gas fields off Sligo come on stream, Nigel would not want two markets developing, with lower energy costs and better security of supply in the republic.

  • Observer

    How come when Nationalists see ‘all-Ireland’ they get excited!?

    Economics, not politics!

  • What time did the common market open?

    1992 was only 15 years ago.