UFO spotted in North Down…

STRANGE happenings in the skies above Bangor, as several people report unexplained lights in the sky. The Beeb have a pic of amateur footage – although hopefully the video will appear online before long. Any ideas?

  • rob

    Maybe Bob McCartney is back on the scene.

  • Pete Baker

    “Any ideas?”

    *On tin-foil hat*

  • It’s a load of abductees coming back because they couldn’t get a postal vote. Why are they landing in Northern Ireland? Ryanair.

  • SCI

    Who’s manning the craft? Little green men or little orange men?

  • Oh relax !
    It was just Herself upstairs seeking yet more advice from her representative on earth , our Gerry !


  • Jeez this is really freaking out my kids…The Big Man and Marty grinning, UFOs over Nth Down…”Dad, remember those mushrooms you put in the omlette….”

  • DC

    And que Stephen Nolan…

  • Plum Duff

    Well, after the scenes last week at Stormont, it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that there’s a new star in the East.I know that if I see three camels coming over Cave Hill my theory will have been QED’d. Christ, they’re already on the Cave Hill!!

    Oh sorry, that’s where the zoo is.

  • Gréagóir O’ Fráinclín

    It’s the aliens or god keeping an eye on ye’s cause of the success of the peace process. It’s truely a miracle, now all get down on yer knees and pray!

  • Bill

    Just Naomi arriving to take those Lost back to the real world.

  • John East Belfast

    Maybe a sort of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” conspiracy with Paisley and the entire DUP senior team having been their first victims thus explaining their “new man/new dup” about face.

  • So that’s where all the Alliance voters have gone.

  • delta omega

    Watchman – that would explain why only 6 lights were seen then

  • The Devil

    Well we know they didn’t come from Stormont as there are no bright things in that Bastion of boredom

  • IJP

    Paisley and McGuinness back-slapping, Norn Irn top of a qualifying group, and now this… 2007 is weird…

  • jaffa

    Not sure if this is in anyway related but I found myself outside quite late on Saturday night in the Western part of Bangor where I live and when I looked up the sky was as clear as I can remember it…ever.

    I noticed a horizontal line of lights in the distance. They were Orange and unmoving.

    And then I realised…

    I was looking at Divis.

  • Orange lights… are youse sure this isn’t just a parade being rerouted.

  • John East Belfast

    It is probably the new MI5 people in Holywood playing with their new toys.

  • Emerald Pimpernel

    So, waco David’s family have come to visit then? ;D

  • intergalactic

    It’s Xenu!!!

  • scientologist

    Dont laugh at xenu. It is possible his descendents are spying and planning to return.

    You’ll see……