Bring back Lordi!

It might seem like only yesterday.. but it’s now time to bid farewell to our Eurovision OverLordies and choose a new regime for the year ahead. The Guardian’s former CultureVulture, Anna Pickard may, or may not, be live-blogging the event.. but someone else definitely is.. According to the BBC report, “Ukrainian drag queen Verka Serdyuchka is the bookies’ favourite”.. although their reporter likens the act to “Les Dawson trying to sing Gina G.” ANYhoo.. let’s just say I’ll not be placing any money on Dervish.. nor on Scooch for that matter. And Serbia wins.. Serbia wins..And so, to the contenders.. btw the beeb think Germany have a chance..

Not Dervish.

Not Scooch.

Verka Serdyuchka?

*shakes head*

Can we vote for Lordi again?..

And, with a reminder that Ireland [or rather RTÉ – Ed] is the most successful nation since the competition began in 1956, with seven wins.. a final word from Sir Terence..

“It’s a pity it’s not about the songs any more.”


Update Your winner.. apparently.. is Serbia.. this is an earlier performance.. *still shaking my head*

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  • Mick Fealty

    Keith should be there too:

  • Pete Baker

    Ermm.. Keith’s already got a link, Mick ;op

  • Pete Baker

    I’ve said it before..

    Crush the flowers.. Crush the flowers.

  • Pete Baker

    Hmm.. could Finland have another surprise win?

  • Pete Baker

    Georgia = Bjork-lite

  • tel wogan

    Moldova are a shoe in.

  • Pete Baker

    Sir Tel reckons the members of the Russian act were convent educated…

    His verdict.. not mine…

  • conal

    How very sad that a Saturday evening is spent in such a way.

  • Pete Baker


    *shakes head again*

    And Scooch..


  • Dewi

    Wake me up when they start the voting.

  • Pete Baker

    As Sir Terence has pointed out..

    Santa’s milking his time in the spotlight..

  • Mick Fealty

    For the record, I’m watching Blair on BBC Parliament…

  • miss fitz

    I like Georgia.

    Ireland were the worst in years and oh my god, what was the UK entry about.

    And no harm to youse, but is Ukraine not a neo-nazi outfit?

  • miss fitz

    That wee lassie from Bulgaria is good too

  • miss fitz

    My son’s money is on Greece

    Shoot the pink fairy

  • Pete Baker

    Georgia, Miss Fitz?

    See previous comment.

    Germany weren’t too bad.. but a poor Sinatra impersonation with a backing track shouldn’t be enough.

    And Mick?

    You would. ;op

  • miss fitz

    Pete, which comment?

    Watching the reviews, I think Finland

  • Pete Baker

    I hope there isn’t too much money involved on that Greece bet, Miss Fitz.

  • miss fitz

    Would you believe I ducked out of an AAI dinner so I could be home for this?

  • Pete Baker

    Georgia = Bjork-lite.

  • miss fitz

    He’s 18.
    The guy gets tied up by 4 semi naked women.
    He is smitten

  • Pete Baker

    Finland were very strong.. again.

    One of the few countries that seem to actually want to host the event.

  • Pete Baker

    “The guy gets tied up by 4 semi naked women.
    He is smitten”


  • miss fitz

    I hadnt seen Dervish before tonight, and I have to say I was a bit shocked at how bad they were. Did no one else notice that wee lassie couldnt sing

  • miss fitz


    Swan lake meets Metallica meets Barnum & Bailey Circus meets Durex

  • miss fitz

    Hey Pete….

    Dali does Eurovision??

  • Pete Baker

    “Dali does Eurovision??”

    And not for the first time.. it’s one of the reasons some of us are addicted.

  • Pete Baker

    Sir Terence, having spotted the Balkan pact.. again.. predicts a closing of the Spanish/Andorran border.

  • Pete Baker



  • Pete Baker

    Will Ireland give the UK their only points?

  • Pete Baker

    All 7 points worth.

  • Pete Baker

    Malta repays a debt..

  • miss fitz


    Ireland gives 12 points to Lithuania…..

    Migration lives and rules

  • Pete Baker

    Which, for now, leaves Ireland at the bottom of the pile..

  • miss fitz

    Uk has to vote Pete. We’ll get 7 or 10 from them

  • miss fitz

    So Serbia wins

    Ireland comes last. (deservedly so)

  • miss fitz

    PS No votes from the UK.

    Thats gratitude for you

  • Pete Baker

    Or maybe not, Miss Fitz.

    It’s been a wonderful evening, says Sir Terence.. not musically obviously..

  • Dewi

    Mick – Blair was more fun.

  • miss fitz

    Terry is well pissed off with this

  • Dewi

    Is that Serbian a boy or a girl ?

  • IJP

    miss fitz

    I have to say Eurovision is embarrassing enough, but that Irish entry genuinely shocked me too.

    If there’s one thing Ireland does well, it’s music. But a drunken pub group would’ve been ashamed of that.

    The UK, of course, has long been known for joke entries receiving points only from other countries which drive on the right!

    But, in the end, I guess it’s only Eurovision!

  • George

    John Waters are you watching? All is well with the world.

  • Pete Baker

    And Ireland, or RTÉ, will have to qualify, again, for the finals next year..

  • sammaguire

    What a joke! Cyprus gave 12 points to Greece, Romania gave 12 points to (Romanian speaking) Moldova etc etc. They should reform the voting system or do away with the songs! Doubt very much if many of the voters bothered to sit through all the songs.

  • Penelope

    who needs drugs to alter one’s reality when you’ve got Eurovision!?!?

    LMAO George… too right Mr. Waters would love it, especially Verka Serdyuchka and Scootch!!!

  • PS No votes from the UK.

    Thats gratitude for you

    I was at a Eurovision party in London this evening and pointed this fact out to the ungrateful shysters.

    Then they pointed out that the Irish song was so shite that even I hadn’t voted for it, prefering to spend my mobile phone credit on the Ukrainian drag queen instead.

    I had to concede gratefully at that point…

    I thought the British entry was a great piece of kitsch “would you like something to suck on while we land” said the camp young man with a distinct hand and mouth gesture. Unfortunately, much too subtle for non-English speakers, which is probably why they got their only decent amount of points from Ireland.

  • They should reform the voting system or do away with the songs!

    Ach, Sam, you’d destroy the charm of the evening. The biased voting is more than half the point.

    OK, the Serbian song was keek but at least the diesel dyke woman had a good voice. But how did Armenia net so many points with that piece of 70s-era folk-rock drivel…

  • JG

    70s-era folk drivel is obviously popular on the mainland.

  • miss fitz

    I just want to add one more thought on this, prompted by what Sammy Morse and IJP said.

    The Irish News helpfully produced a voting guide in yesterday’s paper, so you could follow the block voting. It was reasonably true to the course, but with some exceptions. And of course, that is part of the fun.

    However, my experience of Eurovision over the years is that if a western european country has a good entry, that kind of block voting can be overcome.

    Neither the UK or Ireland had a good entry, and got the votes they deserved.

    The female singer looked like Dana, imo, and there was a feeling of pathetic desperation in that Ireland was trying to re-create the formula that won it in the past.

    Instead of trying to re-brand our imagined traditions and past, perhaps we should try and present to the world what it is we like, and what we enjoy.

    The Eastern Europeans entries have always fascinated me on a number of levels. For one thing, they frequently dispel the images we have of backward, traditionalist societies. There is a very interesting trend toward heavy metal in a lot of these coutnries, that is unexpected. They are also fearless about being camp and extravagant.

    I would only complain about the block voting if I felt we were cheated out of the prize, and we weren’t. Ireland particularly should try to stop going for the mist enshrouded celtic sympathy vote, and bring the house down with a loud, enthusiastic, brash catchy song.

    Now, that might win

  • IJP


    which is probably why they got their only decent amount of points from Ireland…

    … and Malta.

    Miss Fitz

    Yes, spot on.

    The big issue, in fact, is the phone voting. This means it is possible to stroll up to your country’s border, access another country’s network, and vote for your own country. Hence lots of “neighbourly votes” (like, even from Croatia to its great friend, er, Serbia…), as well of course as the “diaspora votes” (Turkey in German-speaking Europe, Lithuania in Ireland, Romania in Spain etc – all 12-pointers).

    The answer is simple – do away with phone voting and go back to juries.

    I always said democracy was overrated…

  • Dewi

    Apologies for posting twice on different threads – but this would have won for Ireland I swear !!!

  • GavBelfast

    IJP, I think the presence of large ethnic populations, especially ethnic Russians in former eastern European satellites of the USSR, and migrant workers in other countries has as much to do with it.

    Plus, being on Eurovision is asense of arrival on a stage for these ‘new’ countries. The western European countries are bored with it or, like the UK, just take the piss.

    The Irish entry was embarrassingly awful, you would leave a pub if they came on.

    By the way, since when did we drive on the right?


  • truth is that without the organised net campaign from metalheads voting for Lordi last year it was all too predictable…Sweden’s camp rockers The Ark (who played in Belfast in 2006 supporting The Darkness) had a new take on 70s glam rock, Hungary had a decent but dated blues track and France camped it up with retro-rock in pink…Apocolyptica deserved an entry all to themselves…circle headbanging cellists would have gained points for kitsch and drawn the metal community to text…

  • smcgiff

    I’d two disappointments with this year’s Eurovision final.

    One – They resurrected Linda Martin from her crypt to give the Irish results. I supposed it tied in with the Lordi theme.

    The Second was that Albania gave Ireland 5 votes – A perfect ducks egg would have been more fitting.

    Despite warnings from the first night it was viewed, the song had a coma inducing opening 30 seconds. And it only takes 5 to 10 seconds before someone decides to write off a song and switch to watching Tony Blair or his European equivalent.

    John Waters was so in love with the drivel he wrote (not even the Czechs liked or understood it) he kept in an unintelligible, mumbled and pretentious (archipelago my arse!) opening.

    Oh, and finally, picking a band with such a limited singer BEFORE picking the song was mind bafflingly stupid. I actually feel sorry for Dervish.

    Give it to TV Three next year!

  • Bill,,4-2007220083,00.html

    Nobody accused Lordi of not being original!

  • IJP


    You’re quite right – we share points among those who drive on the left!

    Your other point is what I meant by “diaspora”-voting.

  • Gerry Kelly

    At least the “UK” bet “Eire”. Last and second last. Neither will ever live it down. It is good to see Serbia exacting sweet revenge on us all by winning with their dirge. But the the Eurovision is revenge writ large in any event.

  • markievicz

    Having Linda Martin giving the Irish vote and Terry Wogan the BBC commentary says a lot about the entries from these Islands… middle aged and out of touch with the voters.

    The Irish entry was boring and how Dervish (a good band) allowed themselves to dance around like Leprechauns god only knows. I expected at any moment Benny Hill to appear in the UK entry chasing after a Hostess !

    The Finnish Eurovision production was terrific, did not take itself too seriously and was a lot of fun, the opposite of John Waters.

    Serbia had my vote for a powerful,brilliantly sung song. Ukraine was great fun and a good laugh and those Russin girls have a certain hit.

  • Ian

    What gets me is how Wogan always go on about how outrageous the block-voting amongst the Eastern Europeans is, and then says casually, with no sense of irony, “At least we [by which he means the UK, even though he’s Irish] can expect to get a decent number of points off the Irish”.

  • Iano