Sanchez leaves for Fulham…

Blair and Hain were not the only ones to leave Northern Ireland this week. In what must be a blow to the Northern Ireland soccer team Lawrie Sanchez is quitting his job to take up a full time post with Fulham. He has clearly lost the argument with his new bosses that he could manage both at the same time.

  • JokerN

    So long and thanks for the memories. Thought this was a joke at first – devastating.
    Ah well the Tele will love this, after the swines have tried their best to stir things up and hound him out.
    Martin O’Neill to replace him? Good work experience before England come calling.

  • dodrade

    I hope the IFA hadn’t already booked their hotel in Vienna.

    Not a surprise, but its a great shame that both Scotland and Northern Ireland’s campaigns have been sabotaged by managers who put wallet before country.

  • Glensman

    I don’t think he ever intended to stay on in both, he was just covering himself.

    Now he’s gone out on top, will be treated as a legend. But he couldn’t possibly have replicated his/the teams successes into the second half of the qualifying campaign…

  • iluvni

    Good luck to him. Thanks for the memories.
    As Sanchez made clear to the players, if you arent 100% committed to NI, you may as well go….


  • Ziznivy

    Jim Magilton hopefully.

  • Yokel

    Coleman for Windsor? bThough more likely teh Dowie who I have been told would like the job alot and Magilton…and then there are those two geezers in the USA at the moment Morrow & Clarke.

    As long as it isn’t Jimmy Nicholl..the IFA have some money they had better use it well.

  • smcgiff

    Bad form – On Fulham’s part that is. And a huge loss in potential.

    Just look at the support in Ireland with Sunderland because Quinn and Keane are involved. Laurie’s involvement in Fulham could have raised their profile in NI.

  • Yokel

    Its football, shit happens.

  • Philip

    How about Minister of the DCAL Cllr. Poots?

  • Yokel

    Look at the plus side lads, Sanchez is liable to try to bring in a couple of NI types into Fulham from where they are languishing elsewhere in lower leagues.

    NI players are pretty cheap purchases and he dont have much of a transfer budget.

    The key issue now is who is the new manager. One of Magilton’s senior players at Ipswich is on record saying that hes worried about Jim going to Windsor. By all accounts Jim’s done alright after a dodgy start so maybe he is in prime position.

    NI perhaps doesn’t want an absolute top flight manager in terms of what kind of teams they have manged before. They need someone who is used to working with limited resources and motivating like billyo.

  • gram

    The day the music died.

  • Tochais Síoraí

    Isn’t Magilton a brother in law of Staunton?

  • Yokel


    Not his fault if he is….

  • tra g

    ‘Jim Magilton hopefully.’

    I hope not, Jim is nurturing a lot of our young Irish talent at Ipswich at the moment. They actually finished the game against Leeds the other week with seven Irish lads on the pitch.

    Would Roy Coyle not do for you’se ?

  • Token Dissent

    Disappointing but unsurprising news. Lawrie was an outstanding success. I hope he succeeds at Fulham – it will be tough working with their Chairman!

    Personally I would like to see Nigel Worthington get the job.

  • Token Dissent

    Oh, and it would be great to see Healy, Stevie Davis and maybe other players go to Fulham.

  • Yokel

    Tra G…two words..No & No.

    Jim would be interested in the job apparently but I have no idea how well handcuffed Ipswich have him. He woudl be in financial range.

  • “Oh, and it would be great to see Healy, Stevie Davis and maybe other players go to Fulham”.

    As a Leeds fan, i can tell you that Sanchez is the only possible route for Healy into the Premiership. He was absolutely shocking for Leeds last season. Only 10 goals in The Championship all season and the Elland Road locals lost count of the number of sitters he missed in vital games… It is no significance that not a single Premiership club has ever tried to buy him despite all of his goals for NI…

  • Yokel

    Where he plays in what league in England matters not to the average NI fan, as long as he churns it out for the national side.

    Anyway the rumours are that Healy is maybe on for Watford or a return to Preston…one league above your beloved Leeds which was bought and sold in 10 minutes during the week.

  • Yokel,

    Be a bit of a come down for Healy then if he returns back to Preston just 2 years after after he left them “to further his career” …!!!

  • kensei

    “Anyway the rumours are that Healy is maybe on for Watford or a return to Preston…one league above your beloved Leeds which was bought and sold in 10 minutes during the week.”

    Actually, by no means a done deal yet. Two other groups in that may pump money into the club.

    I can dream, like.

  • Yokel

    A come down to to go one division up from where he’s going at the moment?

    Leeds would like to hang on to him, if he was that cack they wouldn’t bother.

    Here, have some straws to clutch onto Macswiney..actually no..I’ll withdraw that offer.

  • Yokel


    lets hope so, its a sad state of affairs.

  • crow

    Neil Lennon is retiring from Celtic. No management experience but look at Roy Keane. Under the new dispensation, he would seems like a good fit….

  • northsider

    Word coming through…

    The IFA are lining up a dream team combo of…

    Jimmy Nicholl & Marty Quinn.


  • Yokel,

    When he left Preston they were 4th In The Championship. This season they missed the play-offs, so yeah, I would say, that it would be a come down for him to go babk there bearing in mind his international form. Most Leeds fans will tell you that he is something of a fair-weather player. He frequently “goes missing” when the chips are down. Bearing in mind the hectic pace and quality of The Premiership these days, I reckon he’s a bit below the required standard. If he is such a quality player, why has nobody in The Premiership ever bough him…?

  • Ziznivy

    LMFAO. yeah he went missing in those easy games against Spain, Sweden and England! The reason he’s not in the premiership is a profusion of big money muppets from abroad who managers prefer.

  • Ziznivy,

    In case you didnt know he’s is currently for sale at around £1 million so it doesnt exactly take “Big Money” to buy him…!!

    Club football st the top level these days is of a far higher standard than International Football.

  • Ringo

    The reason he’s not in the premiership is a profusion of big money muppets from abroad who managers prefer.

    Fergie isn’t in the business of getting rid of players who have come through the ranks who are able to cut it in the premiership. Except Robbie Savage.

  • Token Dissent

    I agree that Healy’s club career has been a story of underachievement. It has suffered from poor decisions and awful man-management. But judging by his all-round game playing against Sweden, England, Spain etc. the wee man has the potential to be a quality premiership striker.

    Taking a random example, I think Healy is a superior player to Jermain Defoe.

    As for the management I think that a continuity of style and tactics is required. Worthington should be on the top of the list…failing that go for ex-Ballymena United and under-17 manager madman Kenny Shields!

  • realist

    ‘Right enough it isn’t in character for “ mealy mouthed boring plodding diplomat of the year”, but even the biggest twat has to let loose now and again’

    Yet again you demonstrate why you are now barred from the Our Wee Country site because of your obnoxious language towards me, Ziznivy.

    I hope the moderator of this site take note and acts likewise.

    This is a sad day for true NI fans, not glory-hunters like you.

    Tomorrow will also be a sad day for you when you will still be banned from OWC and also when Linfield beat your new bed-fellows, Drogheda.

    Missing you already (not!)

  • Token Dissent

    Re. Ziznivy vs. realist…

    Boring Personal Abuse 1 – Rest of the World 0.

  • darth rumsfeld

    another concession to Sinn fein

  • let down

    Stephen Beacom from the Tele called it right-He is owed an apology from all fans, including me.

    When all is said and done, Lawrie has ‘judased’ us.-sad but true.

  • Doctor Who

    I thought Lawrie would have been true to his word and kept the NI post at least until qualification for euro 2008 was over. He never hid his ambition to mange a premiership side, so Steven Beacom et al, would be better off keeping their crayons in the drawer.

    Sanchez has done a remarkable job and leaves the side in a healthy state of affairs. I hope that Ian Dowie takes over, he has similar principles and is a proven motivator of players, I think his appointment would bring natural continuity.

  • BP1078

    Good luck Lawrie (you’re going to need it with that headcase of a chairman) and thanks for the memories.

    Macswiney, completely unrelated matter, but I’m delighted to discover you’re a Leeds fan.

  • Ziznivy

    “This is a sad day for true NI fans, not glory-hunters like you.”

    Glory hunter! 😀

    I suppose I was glory hunting watching us set a new record for scoreless minutes or watched the 1000th of them clocked up in Ukraine. At least try and give your criticisms some basis in reality. I may have many flaws, but not being a genuine supporter of Northern Ireland or Ballymena is not one of them.

  • Firbolg

    Oh dear….does this mean the return of comedy football?

  • BB

    I trust that Doctor Who’s tenner makes its way into the correct hands.

  • Poopoo

    Is this the football equivalent of a ‘Dirty Sanchez’.

  • BB

    This one’s got some crackers as well –

    “I can assure you that Laurie will not walk away from his contract with NI.”

    “Come back to me if he walks away before our last match in Spain or if qualification is not possible and then tell me I was wrong.”

  • The World’s Gone Mad

    So long and thanks for the memories – hardly a shock but disappointing none-the-less. I can’t blame him though – given the choice between managing in the world’s most famous football league, pitting his wits against Fergie, Rafa, Moanrinho and Wenger or looking after little Northern Ireland Sanchez has followed his ambitions.

    Having an ambitious manager like Lawrie Sanchez at the helm was always a double-edged sword – if he was any good then he was likely to be tapped by Premiership/Championship clubs. What we need is a Bora Milutinovic type coach – someone whose primary interest is in coaching international teams and with a proven track record of steerin teams successfully through qualifying campaigns.

  • John East Belfast

    I would forget all the obvious local names like McGilton, Dowie etc and I would gamble a 6 month contract with a further 6 month extension to the finals if necessary on a big hitter like Glen Hoddle.

    Basically throw a lot of money at the one priority we have which is qualification and if that doesnt work then start thinking about a long term manager from the usual ilk in early 2008.

    Hoddle could be given the chance of a bit of glory and make a name again for himself when McClaren’s job comes up for grabs again next summer at the latest.

  • Realist

    Ambition, loyalty and honour are three qualities that rarely mix in football.

    Northern Ireland were benefactors of Lawrie’s fierce ambition to manage in the Premiership – an ambition he has never hidden.

    Anyone thinking that the Northern Ireland job meant anything more to him than a stepping stone, needs their head looked at.

    I’m glad we did benefit. Now it’s time, like Lawrie, to move on.

    PS.I no connection with the poster “realist”, with the small “r”, involved in the playground spat with Ziznivy above.

    I would also like to state that no poster using the name Ziznivy has been barred from the OWC site.

  • graham


    Did you not call Ziznivy – owen on a thread here a couple of weeks ago ?

  • ziznivy

    The publicity surrounding that NI fans award has really went to your head-You are behaving like a dictator in banning people from the OWC site.My earlier description of you is entirely valid.

  • Idiot@BelTelly

    Although I do n ot know who his successor is going to be I feel the need to want him out.

    I must earn my crust somehow!

  • Realist


    “You are behaving like a dictator in banning people from the OWC site”

    People or person?

    “My earlier description of you is entirely valid”

    You are, of course, entitled to your opinion.

    I haven’t seen your “description”, but I sense that something is hurting you?

    Is “playing the man” not a big no no on this site?

  • Mustapha Mond

    So sorry to see Mr Sanchez leave, I hope he profits and is successful in his next endeavour.

  • Doctor Who


    Sorry for the delay in the reply but I have found myself very busy of late, what with the Daleks and Mr Saxon etc.

    Send me your pay pal addres via Mick and the tenner will be on the way. I would also say yes I was wrong hands up! just please don´t be a nerd and come out with the “I told you so” crap.

  • Patrique

    If club football is above International level, how come Henry and Ronaldo(Man Utd, not “The Ronaldo”) are not very good at it?

  • Ziznivy

    The publicity surrounding that NI fans award has really went to your head-You are behaving like a dictator in banning people from the OWC site.My earlier description of you is entirely valid.

    Posted by ziznivy on May 12, 2007 @ 05:45 PM”

    I’d like to point out that I didn’t make that post. I’m not sure who is impersonating me, but I’d rather they desisted. I’m well able to speak for myself.