Ripples in the newly wed’s household..?

Looks like the First Minister’s been wrapping Mark Devenport’s knuckles for making ripples in the newly wed’s hamely bliss over the first set of contrary press releases over Northern Ireland’s ultimate destiny. Is Gerry Adams trying to play Yoko to Ian Paisley’s Paul McCartney, or should that be the other way round?

  • merrie

    Reading Ian’s comments I think of “elephants in the corner”, “things swept under the carpet” etc.

    Yoko Ono & Paul McCartney – not sure whether it’s that situation for either side, Mick.

  • wild turkey


    Ever see Animal Crackers?

    Yoko and McCartney? Nah.

    More like Grouchos Captain Spalding to Margaret Dumonts Mrs Rittenhouse.

    As meetings of the executive and assembly occur, slugger should run a weekly competition along the lines of ‘which classic comedy act does the latest episode remind you of?’

  • Mick Fealty

    With or without YouTube Clips?

  • wild turkey

    With or without YouTube Clips?

    Clips optional but preferable