From the sublime to the ridiculous…

Spokesman reckons that a Fianna Fail/Sinn Fein government in the Republic will be “the best ever in the history of Ireland in tackling poverty in Ireland”. SK at Sliabh however laments the quality of all the parties on offer.


  • TD

    A FF/SF coalition won’t happen. End of.

  • SuperSoupy


    Your Martin Ferris story is locked. Maybe you would like to revisit it? It was a story that was interesting enough to blog before.

    Any update for the readers?

  • Soupy,

    Yes, that’s one of our anti spam measures. We keep stories open for a set period then it closes. I’ve gone in and opened it until next Monday.

  • When I was at school, I was taught that Charles II said “Let sleeping dogs lie”. Only later, did I discover this was a bowdlerised version of the actual utterance: “A stirred turd stinks.”

    That ought to be enough to keep stumm on this one.

    However …

    1. A alliance between FF and SF invites a revision of David Low’s “Rendezvous” cartoon [“The scum of the earth, I believe.” “The bloody assassin of the workers, I presume?” Ignoramuses should direct to,8542,712437,00.html%5D.
    2. “[T]he best ever in the history of Ireland in tackling poverty in Ireland…” Heaven help us! That was, possibly and potentially, the 13th Dáil; and look what happened there!
    Meanwhile, why do these fantasists not go and read (for example) Diarmaid Ferriter and see just how badly FF has dealt witht the under-class? And, on what grounds can we expect the tiger to change its stripes?

  • USA

    I have always felt that it would not be this election cycle but the next that Sinn Fein may enter government in the Republic. However this guy “Spokesman” makes a curious mathmatical arguement for a FF/SF govt this time round. Does anyone give his position any credence or is it going to be FF/PD’s/Greens or some combination therof?

  • Martin

    Middle class taig and all the rest,

    I wish to make it known that i am conceding defeat regarding our bet over whether Enda Kenny would hold his seat in May 2007–the odds if i am not mistaken were that i bet 160 or 180 sterling to be paid to the slugger funds if Enda was re elected in Mayo , I now accept that he will be barring totally unforseen circumstances-

    [in which case i have a way out and YOU owe mick 120]

    I intend honouring the debt once the correct amount has been established–if some one out there remembers which amount it was,{it was over 2 years ago ]your help will be greatly appreciated.

    Mick my factor shall call on your factor

    Thank You


  • Martin

    Mick F,

    Will you accept instalments ?

  • Mick Fealty

    Of course. But why did you bet against what looks to me to be such a racing certainty?

  • Martin

    if a week is a long time in politics, 2 years is an eternity–back then he was getting a lot of flak over Rossport and other things and was not the political heavyweight that he is now—I ve learnt from this