Still Processing™..

The headline on Brian Rowan’s report in the Belfast Telegraph might be said to fall into the futuring category.. particularly when there’s nothing that touches on the stench of the Faustian pact Mick referenced previously.. not that anyone else has addressed it.. But he does reveal a couple of points to note. Firstly, as expected, he predicts that the ‘imminent’ UVF statement will not announce decommissioning, despite yesterday’s morning telephone conversation with John de Chastleain. The other point is that after that telephone call..

Yesterday senior UVF and Red Hand figures were part of the loyalist delegation that held talks with the Secretary of State Peter Hain.

That would be the loyalist delegation fronted by PUP leader Dawn Purvis, independent member of the Policing Board since being appointed by the same Secretary of State for Wales etc in March last year.