PUP tour on last leg..

There was more than one meeting at Stormont today. As well as the visit by the EC president, the PUP leader Dawn Purvis was completing the last leg of her whistle-stop tour by meeting with the Secretary of State for Wales etc. According to the reports

This afternoon’s agenda includes the long-term engagement of loyalism within the political process, the government’s commitment to the Good Friday Agreement and a discussion on the “principle of consent”.

[And any other business? – Ed]

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  • peter punt

    if this is the last leg then we must be very close to a uvf statement lets hope it delivers an end to criminal activity/recruitment.

  • peter punt

    that should be an ‘and’ not an ‘or’

  • Yokel

    The UVF are trying to complete the circle on assurances on sovereignty, day to day administration and control of affiars here.

    I wonder if there is some pay off issues being discussed as well?