I’m with the rest of the world..

After a lengthy delay for rain, the final of the Cricket World Cup between Australia and Sri Lanka has just gotten underway and it will be a truncated 38 overs each. As the BBC blog suggests, most neutrals will be hoping that Sri Lanka can bring Australia’s unbeaten run of 28 World Cup games to an end even if it is Glenn McGrath’s last tournament. Usual options for coverage, overbyover, scorecard and live commentary. Australia won the toss and decided to bat first. Australia set a daunting total of 281-4 from 38 overs. Gilchrist with 149 off 104 balls. Another rain delay. Sri Lanka will now have 36 overs.. and chaos reigns.. New target for Sri Lanka 269 Depressingly after the 33rd over, with Sri Lanka 206-7, bad light stops play. They restart, bizarrely, Sri Lanka make 215-8. Australia win by 53 runs


  • jake

    i think its about time, re this blog, that someone talked about the 800 pound gorilla in the room – absent the Troubles, events in Northern Ireland do not warrant nor justify a weblog like this – the place is at the ‘sugar spill in local tesco’ stage of news worthiness – look at the various stories you’re being forced to cover in recent days/weeks – there will be a little burst of activity on may 8th and shortly thereafter and the odd story from thereon but really it is time to close up shop, methinks! if you don’t, the readers will do it for you.

  • Pete Baker


    None of the bloggers are forced to blog and no-one is forced to read the posts here.

    We’ve always covered a variety of topics.. and we’ll likely continue to do so.

    Whether anyone continues to read what’s posted is an entirely different matter.

  • Pete Baker

    Meanwhile, at the end of the 30th over: Australia are 222-1

  • jake

    and a pyramid of cans of peas has collapsed in iceland on the lisburn road!!!!!!

  • the Peg


    That is so jaundiced you could use yellow snow for camoflauge!! Since when has this site that you have “Cleverly” analysed ever been solely about “The Troubles” and the absence of said “Troubles” does not in any way detract from its raison d’etre.

    My take is that it does what it says on the tin mostly. Most posts are about this part of the world and for a large measure are about poitics,culture or world events that have percieved linkages with whats going on here.

    Yes some of the main contributors do go off on occasional tangents but perhaps that keeps them sane. The overt party political lines taken by some contributors jars occasionally as it can come acrss as party policy propaganda rather than a personal viewpoint but mostly this is an entertaining and well managed site that serves its purpose. Its both genuinely cross-community and neither community and for all the MOPEry that goes on it mostly balances out.

    The remark about the cans of peas construes that there is nothing going on and therefore there is nothing to discuss and therefore we should all go home and take a handful of sleeping pills to quell our collective disappointment at the end of “The Troubles”. Yep they were exciting weren’t they?

    To say May 8th marks the mothballing of debate completely misses so many points I don’t know where to start. The new assembly will raise more debate than ever and there are more local issues than ever to consider.

    For starters: RPA (inc. reduction in councils), Assembly Start up, Working of executive,ROI elections, melt down of UUP, Water Charges, policing, cross border co-operation, Housing affordability, New Labour party leader, Performance of new MLAs and just to prove I haven’t gone completely off thread theres always time for cricket !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • austin

    The truth hurts, Jake -but you hit the nail on the head.

    Other hidden journalistic victims of peace also include certain hacks who made a career from sensationalistic Troubles story who are now reduced to scraping the barrel for any sexy stories-Step forward Jim McDowell, Henry Mc Donald , Hugh ‘Shuggie The Skirt’ Jordan to name but a few. At least Martin Dillon seen the writing on the wall and got offside.

    These boys are back and forward on the Sea Cat every other week, heading to Troon to visit that other 80’s revivalist Mag Dog in the vain hope of resurrecting reader interest in some of the glory days.

    By way of an aside,how much did McDowell spend on elocution lessons to come up with that fake Belfast accent-Either that or he’s been watching constant re-runs of Harry’s Gane.
    Nite folks or as Big Jim would say-‘Schweet Dreams, Mucker’.

  • Pete Baker

    Sri Lanka making a proper contest of this.

    131-2 from 21 overs

  • merrie

    If Sri Lanka increase their run rate they have some chance of winning. Unfortunately it is only 6.09 at the 23rd over and they need over 8 runs per over to get past Australia. They have lots of wickets in hand but it might be risky to try to increase the rate.

    So it’s Australia vs the rest of the world, Pete?

  • a good match. although i wasnt to bothered with the dely, in the UK we’re used to rain stopping play!

  • The Peg

    The truth hurts, Austin -but you hit the thumb with the hammer.

    Ok there is a nugget of truth in your post but Jake most certainly did not hit the nail on the head nor do i think is he making the same point as you.

    Your point about journalists who made a career out of writing about the “combatants ” their “organisations” and their “deeds” is cogent. Many of them have failed to recognise that they have been effectively decommisioned by default and that the eight page “troubles” stories of the two local sundays are so last century. Some have languished as alluded to in trying to resurrect the beasts of the past or else revisit incidents from the past.

    At least Big Jim has tried to move in to TV journalism albeit making parochial faux documentaries about the good old days in good auld befawst capital of ulsta. I do agree the accent is most peculiar but God loves a trier.

    Any decent journalist and I use that in a non oxymoronic sense must be able to see that there are stories out there that are not about “the troubles” or referring back to them. Thats not to say that much of the daily politics of the region cas to be seen in the context of history as a whole.

    Anyway IMHO Jakes point was not well made.

    His logic was basically end of “troubles” therefore nothing to write about so therefore stop reporting and discussing what goes on here because its a pimple on the backside of Europe. I think there are blogs which are able to maintain a healthy interest in terms of traffic which are much narrower in remit than this site. Ultimately any blog is organic and will change due to the varying contributors and varying circumstances and regardless of popularity or otherwise the plug could be pulled in the morning if Mr. Fealty so wished!!!

  • merrie

    Over 25: bad light and rain has stopped play for the time being.


    Guess I’ll find out the score tomorrow morning.

  • jake

    you just don’t get it, do you peg? the only thing that ever made northern ireland an interesting place was the Troubles? now they’re over there’s nothing to talk/write about except the equivalent of ‘sugar spill in the local tesco’ no matter how well you dress it up – and austin’s point is related to mine – media offices will be closing down all over belfast soon;

  • Pete Baker


    They’re back. 36 overs now for Sri Lanka. Probably a revised total.

  • Merrie

    Hi Jake

    My definition of a peaceful place is when the main news is road accidents. This is because I lived in Australia for many years and so little happened that that was often the main news.

    I realised that the Troubles in NI were lessening when I noticed that the same trend was happening in the NI news too. You are right: media offices will be closing down because there won’t be anything to write about – except road accidents.

    If more people rode bikes instead of driving cars then the place will get even less newsworthy because there will be fewer road accidents – definitely fewer lethal ones.

    A few years ago (1990s) I happened to pick up a copy of the local Offaly newspaper. The crime column listed the following crimes occurring in the past week: someone stole a transistor radio; someone pulled up a few flowers on the main street – what a disgraceful mess.

    Now if events like those become the main news in NI then it will be getting to be a really peaceful and pleasant place to live in.

  • merrie

    Rate things are going Sri Lanka may not have enough batsmen to last 35 overs.

  • merrie

    End of match: Australia has won at over 33. Sri Lanka had an impossible score needing a run rate of around 22 runs per over. I don’t think even Australia has had such a run rate.

    Good on the Aussies!!!!! (sad for RoW)

  • merrie

    The match goes on in near darkness till the 35th over… Another wicket falls. Australia wins

    QED (tough Pete)

  • Pete Baker

    QED (tough Pete)

    It was always wishful thinking, merrie.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Watched a bit of the cricket highlights there. Slightly less bored with it than I used to be… so I could still end up a fan. Still prefer the snooker, despite Mark Allen’s departure earlier.

    But I don’t HATE cricket any more. And I never thought I’d say that.

    As for Slugger’s fate in the post-peace process arena we’re in?

    Well, Norn Irn was never going to be as interesting on a world stage once the ‘war’ ended. However, I think the fun is just beginning in a way, with two ‘extremes’ in government.

    That might not make the CNN headlines every night, but it’ll provide me and Pete (and Mick and Fair Deal and Chris and and and and….) with enough fun for a long time to come.

    When I was a bit younger and covering riots and murders as a reporter, or even a few years ago in Stormont first time round, things seemed exciting, and you were almost worried that Northern Ireland could end up as politically boring as, say, Wales.

    Nowadays, with Gonzo Jr due in a couple of weeks time, I almost don’t mind people telling me that Ireland is a small, insignificant island somewhere off the west coast of Wales.

    So maybe our political debates won’t be as exciting to a global audience to the same degree as they were when they involved people being dragged out of burning buildings with their legs hanging off.

    But I’m glad they’re not.

    And I never thought I’d do a post about being happy about boredom, whether it involves cricket or a weird form of government. I’m sure both can be enjoyable, if I give ’em a chance.

    Don’t think I’ll be bored in three weeks anyway.

  • sammaguire

    I agree with Jake fully. But thankfully there’s more to life than the Troubles and (thankfully) cricket! Slugger should now concentrate on bread and butter issues like should citizens pay water charges (of course we should; if the electricity was free we’d all be wasting it) or for collection of refuse (of course we should; it encourages us to recycle thereby reducing the number of collections). Most of the parties in the North (I’m from Dublin) are against these charges as one would expect from opposition parties seeking populist support. It will be interesting to see if the parties are more responsible when given a bit of power.

  • Terracetoff

    I for one would far rather watch Adam Gilchrist bat when in this form than debate our tedious and over-blown politics. Its about time we returned to the real world where international events such as the World Cup form part of informed debate, not just the tedious and self-absorbed politics of Northern Ireland.

  • abucs

    Good to see Gilchrist save the best of his form for the final.

    Australia have just been too good and deserve their victory me thinks. They may find it harder though without a few of their stars next time around.

    Good tournement for the Irish also. Good chance of at least repeating it next time.

  • moochin photoman

    The cricket ended in a farce and the whole tournament was long winded and dull, overshadowd by the death of Bob Woolmer. Now THERE’S a story for sure.
    If you’re looking for a story what about the underfunding of the arts here in NI when artists are being asked to help in the re-imaging of areas and where the spend per capita is only £6 whereas in Scotland its £11 with the average UK spend per capita is £10.

    Apparently the Pakistan cricket eteam are going to give up cricket and are taking a leaf out of Jamaica and are taking up BobSlaying!!

  • austin

    ‘If you’re looking for a story what about the underfunding of the arts here in NI when artists are being asked to help in the re-imaging of areas and where the spend per capita is only £6 whereas in Scotland its £11 with the average UK spend per capita is £10.’

    Proves Jake’s point really, if this is the best we can do.-

    another slow news day..snooze………..