On the snobbery of liberal officialdom?

Raymond McCord is only one of quite a number of individuals who did not get shortlisted for the post of Victims Commissioner, but Newton Emerson believes he must have received the crassest reasons for not getting the job…

According to the powers that be, the widely admired victims campaigner lacks “awareness of the conflict”, “an ability to deal with the media” and “written presentational skills”.

To tell a man who lost his son that he lacks awareness of the conflict is simply appalling. To tell this particular man that he lacks awareness of the conflict simply beggars belief.

Mr McCord was sufficiently aware of the conflict to lobby for a police ombudsman’s inquiry which uncovered the biggest collusion scandal since Stakeknife. The NIO hardly lacks awareness of that, having spent three years stalling the investigation.

Admittedly Peter Hain did lose awareness for several minutes when he fell asleep during his first meeting with Mr McCord. Perhaps making journalists aware of this is what the NIO means by lacking an ability to deal with the media. It certainly can’t mean anything else. Mr McCord kept a single-issue campaign in the press for almost 10 years.

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