“It is important that our new Assembly is given the best possible start..”

After her recent ill-judged comments, the PUP leader Dawn Purvis is continuing in her efforts to get someone, somewhere, to say something to give political cover for the heavily-trailed statement from the UVF. The IMC report obviously didn’t prove to be as optimistic as some may have hoped.. the Secretary of State for Wales etc wasn’t particularly helpful.. and Taoiseach Bertie Ahern clearly has other concerns. Today she’s trying Chief Constable Hugh Orde – he did after all have a very public meeting with the ‘good’ UDA. There’s also an echo of a recent statement from another source in Dawn Purvis’ reported comments on nothing being “allowed to destabilise” this new beginning.. [will she answer ‘stupid’ questions though? – Ed]

“It is important that our new assembly is given the best possible start and that nothing is allowed to destabilise that, therefore it will be helpful to hear from the chief constable his plans to deal effectively with dissident republicans.”

She could, as an independent member, have asked Hugh Orde through the Policing Board..