Ahern breaks punters’ hearts on a date…

WHEN Paddy Power took about £10,000 around lunchtime from punters betting that the Irish election would be on May 17, the bookies smelt a rat and stopped taking money on the date. There was some speculation that Taoiseach Bertie Ahern would make an announcement in the Dail this afternoon – but he never appeared. Since the election must be at least three weeks long, and today was the last Dáil sitting day before President McAleese leaves for a seven-day trip to the US and the last opportunity this week for the Taoiseach to inform the house before seeking dissolution, it means May 17 is now OUT for polling day. Paddy Power has will be happy that what looked like a hot tip this morning quickly became a beaten docket thanks to Bertie’s non-appearance…

  • SuperSoupy


    Many pundits believe he got wind of the TNS/MRBI poll to be released tomorrow and was spooked:

    FF 34 (-3)
    Fg 31 (+5)
    Lab 10 (-1)
    Greens 6 (-2)
    PD 3 (+2)
    SF 10 (+1)
    Ind 6 (-2)

  • I’ve done a piece on the figures here.