Irish Labour attack ad on YouTube

With Mary Harney still bogged down in the detail of reform and taking on powerful heath service unions, it’s not clear how the changes in the Republic’s Health Service are going to play for the PDs. Labour’s early attack ad on what they believe will be the outworking of an increased stake for private players nevertheless swings at Fianna Fail, presumably because that’s where the swing voters are. Zac Exley’s expert influence is all over this one!

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    Cheap and opportunistic. Pretty much what we’ve come to expect from Rabid’s new labour party.

  • Rory

    I disagree. I found it a disturbing and highly effective piece and it certainly alerts us to the future, for those not among the wealthy, under privatisation.

  • qubol

    As an ad I think its very good, and not that expensive either.

  • On a new election candidate site in the south, Pat has listed one of his main priorities as “GETTING LAID: I will reduce the VAT on condoms. Do I need to explain this anymore?”

    The stick looking after the d**k 😉

  • Cheap, opportunistic, and potentially disruptive. Straight import from the US. I would only att that going negative is fine, if you have a corresponding postive to sell. Time will tell whether or not Labour does.

  • Oldie

    78 and she has a digital recorder at the hospital. Well done Margaret

  • Mick-

    “Cheap, opportunistic, and potentially disruptive.”

    Do you mean that in a positive or negative way?

  • El Mat,

    Just taking a pragmatic view. As I say, if Labour can follow through… from their point of view it could be very positive… Negative campaigning worked for the Tories for all but one of their elecion campaigns during their last incumbency. It was also noticeable though that Blair turned that on its head with the ’97 UK election.

    Politics is partly about landing blows on your opponents, but it also about offering the public choices.

  • Apparently they’re looking to run it as a party election broadcast.

  • Rory

    Oldie wins the prize for the sharpest comment on the broadcast. I nearly choked on me Shiraz!

  • Gabriel

    Political Thicko’s version of this is, as always, quicker and more to the point:


    The other problem with it is that it tries to paint the problems with the heath service as a FF issue. Whatever other successes she may have had, Mary Harney has certainly tied herself into the current crisis.

    Much as Labour might try otherwise, the choice is between Labour and the PDs to sort out health. When asked which party they trust to stand up to consultants, tackle the vested interests and cut out the fat in HS administration, I very much doubt that the southern electorate will answer Workers Party / New Labour.

    El Mat: “They want to run it as an election broadcast” – if a few of the journo types around them tell them it’s cool, I’m sure that’s true. But where does it fit with the “But are you happy” and “Are you with us” guff of the campaign to date?

  • Urquhart-

    Presumably the point Labour is attempting to make is that if you are happy with old people lying on trolleys and want to see more of it, then vote for FF- i.e. the ‘but are you happy’ part of it (obviously Labour believe you aren’t happy and therefore shouldn’t vote FF).

    Labour is promising to block the privatisation of A&E, therefore if you support such a move, then you should vote Labour, i.e. the ‘are you with us’ element.

    Whether it’s effective is a separate matter, but it seems a pretty simple message to understand whether one agrees with it or not. The fact we are discussing it here shows it is having some effect above and beyond anything produced by FF, FG, the PDs, SF or the Greens.


    El Mat, you’re a smarter man or woman than most. I’m not convinced that the voter at home is going to make the connections you are between the last two campaigns and this one, but I could stand corrected.

    I wouldn’t conclude that it must be effective because we’re discussing it here. No harm to Slugger.