The ‘good’ UVF?

Taoiseach Bertie Ahern et al have been involved in the attempt to rebrand the ‘good’ UDA at various stages, now the PUP leader [and independent member of the Policing Board – Ed] Dawn Purvis, on behalf of the UVF, seems belatedly to be following a familiar path.

The east Belfast Assembly member said she specifically wanted an assurance of the Government’s commitment to devolution under the St Andrews Agreement, and that it has no interests in joint authority. As she prepared to travel to Dublin she said she also wanted assurances Mr Ahern had a strategic plan to deal with any dissident republican activity south of the border.

  • Yokel

    She’ll probably have an easier time getting assurances from Dublin than London…

  • overhere

    Bless her but you have to love her, even though she should be talking to her own group instead of asking the Taoiseach what his plans are. Maybe she is hoping to pick up a few ideas from his answer

  • The Dubliner

    “…she said she also wanted assurances Mr Ahern had a strategic plan to deal with any dissident republican activity south of the border.”

    Fate delivers some strange ironies. Terrorist scum wanting assurances that society is safe from terrorist scum is a bit like the Peadophile Society wanting assurances that children are safe from peadophiles. The foxes to guard the chicken coup… such is the black comedy of this dismal process.

  • seanzmct

    This Purvis business is all a load of self-important mumbo jumbo.

    Ahern has no need to give any assurances to her or the UVF about a commitment to devolution. The people of Ireland have accepted the principle of consent by popular referendum after the Belfast Agreement and, the PUP actively campaigned for the Agreement.

    The fact is that the Loyalist paramilitaries are hanging on to their guns out of fear of each other. That is what Dawn Purvis should be addressing rather than pointless junkets to Dublin.

  • conor

    Thats the problem seanzmct

    Drug gangs will always fall out & it will always be settled with violence.

  • Dubliner,

    Well said, my sentiments exactly.

  • gareth mccord

    The UVF have and always will control and bleed the loyalist communities. What puppet purvis is seeking that they do this with a pay off and as long as they dont murder “the other side” they can continue to terrorise their own people!

  • number6stilltocome

    It seemed positive to me, they are legitimate concerns of the unionist people –

    Does the Irish government see this as the ultimate destination or a stepping stone?

    Are they committed to dealing with a new generation of republicans (dissident) better than they dealt with the last few incarnations?

    These seem like assurances that would be sought in the lead up to a positive contribution – well we can live in hope – then judge them when it comes.

  • gareth mccord

    When will people realise the UDA UVF dont represent the unionist people!!!
    WAKE UP!!!

  • Billy


    Exactly right. The principle of consent has been accepted by Nationalists and is enshrined in the GFA.

    I don’t know what Purvis wants exactly. The late scumbag Billy Wright always said that his group would cease their murderous activities once NI’s place in the UK was guaranteed in perpetuity.

    Clearly that will never happen. It is up to Unionists to ensure that NI is never again a cold house for Catholics.

    If they can do so, enough Catholics may well choose to remain within the Union. Obviously, if they don’t, the alternative will apply.

    If Purvis wants an agreement that the RoI will abide by the will of the najority in NI, she already has that in the GFA.

    If she wants to try and ensure that enough Catholics choose to remain within the Union, she would be better off talking to her drug-dealing, murderous UVF friends than wasting time in Dublin.

  • Pete Baker

    Billy et al

    It’s not about the ‘principle of consent’ or anything else that would fit into a category close to ‘normal’ politics..

    It’s all about The Processâ„¢..

    And how both governments have mis-applied it to Northern Ireland

  • Billy


    I still think that Purvis is throwing stones while living in a greenhouse.

    I’m a Nationalist and I want the RoI govt to accept the will of the majority in NI. If that majority chooses (as at present) to remain in the UK, then I have no problem with that.

    If and when that ever changes, then I expect democratic people to accept that decision also.

    I see no indication that the RoI Govt are seeking to de-stabilise the NI assembly in fact quite the contrary.

    It depends what Purvis means by joint authority. If she is seeking to discourage RoI investment and/or political input into NI then she’s out of luck. With the economic situation as it is and the Nationlist population over 40%, it is clear that there will be a considerable amount of both political and business cross-border co-operation.

    If Purvis is unhappy about this, she’d be better off talking to the NI business community and the UK govt. The former are more than happy to tap into the lucrative Celtic Tiger and the latter, frankly, have made it abundantly clear that they want the RoI to take on more responsibility for NI.

    I think the RoI govt will be more than happy to let NI politicians sort out their own problems. I see no great desire to push “joint authority” on NI.

    I agree that all govts should be taking action against terrorist organisations whether Republican or “Loyalist”.

    However, this demand comes from the political wing of an organisation that is still armed, recently proven to be targetting Catholics and immersed in drug dealing and criminality. The words pot, kettle and black spring to mind.

    I’m afraid that, in my opinion, Purvis has little of relevance to say and absolutely no credibility with decent people.