Is your rubbish getting collected? Is there a strike on no one knows about? Anyone know why the rubbish is getting left uncollected in Belfast since Easter? Is Belfast in the running for the “City of Rubbish”? Did all the lorries break-down at the same time? Is the city really that incompetent?UPDATE: Day 19, 3 days after the bins were due to be picked up, and the bins are still out. The bins have now been collected. We almost made it to a month, Miss Fitz!

To clarify (thanks to Starhound): We put our (black bin) rubbish out on the correct day, over 18 days ago, for the modified Easter collection. Our black bin was then due to be collected early yesterday morning, as usual, and is still sitting on the road waiting to be picked up. This has nothing to do with the Easter collection schedule other than a pathetically weak excuse for the city council’s failure to collect the bins on time. And frankly, given that every other holiday over the years they have been able to be back on a normal schedule the following week (and they had no problem picking up our blue bin last week), I am not buying it. I am, having read the Andersonstown News article, curious how many other Belfast city residents are suffering from this poor service and health hazard.