The latest from our sports department..

Would it be too much to expect the civil servants at the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure not to spend their time issuing statements on behalf of someone who has yet to take office? And on a related note.. Sinn Féin’s Paul Butler and Raymond McCartney have stated that “Sinn Fein will not agree to plans to build any stadium until we get agreement to open up the jail as a visitor attraction with an iconic building built to the highest international standards.” Some progress though, at least Mr Butler seems to have stopped making ludicrous and offensive comparisons like “Long Kesh is on a standing with Robben Island, Auschwitz and the Berlin Wall..” Now, he just wants the site developed “as a visitor attraction similar to Kilmainham Jail in Dublin and Robben Island in South Africa.” – although he also wants those proposals “being given as equal an importance as any plans to have a stadium built there.”