PUP leader highlighting the ‘good’ work that is going on..

On his blog, the BBC’s Mark Devenport tells us that during an interview for tomorrow’s Inside Politics, PUP leader Dawn Purvis repeats her assertion that no-one is under threat from the UVF.. He doesn’t get anything more from the PUP leader on UVF decommissioning than Brian Rowan did for the Belfast Telegraph. But he did get an acknowledgement that she will not be seeking re-appointment, as an independent member, to the Policing Board. Some of us have been arguing that she should never have been appointed, by Peter Hain, to the Policing Board in the first place.From the Belfast Telegraph report

On the IMC meeting, Dawn Purvis told this newspaper: “While it’s their job to shine a light on the negative aspects of paramilitarism, it is up to us in the PUP to highlight to them the good work that is going on, and to explain and help them understand this process of conflict transformation.”

Of course it is, Dawn.. of course it is..