PCC throws out election poll complaint…

THE Belfast Telegraph pre-election poll attracted plenty of flak on Slugger, but the UK Unionists (RIP) were so annoyed about it, candidate David Hoey (298 votes) referred it to the Press Complaints Commission. The PCC has now thrown out Hoey’s complaint, although he intends to appeal.

  • SuperSoupy


    But the major question raised here was never addressed (despite statistician extraordinaire Sammy Morse assuring all he was investigating, which he never did), – the alleged (by one of the pollsters) BT request and polling agencies compliance for a geographical concentration on areas that were not representative – Urban Derry and Greater Belfast alone.

    While the UKUP complaint was not upheld a major cloud hangs over that poll and the intentions/restrictions of those commissioning it.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Well, the bloke sitting beside me right now was rang by a pollster for this survey and he lives in South Down.

    This was mentioned in the original comments thread at the time.

  • SuperSoupy

    You mentioned that before.

    Someone did post on this site claiming to be a pollster from the co. hired, detailed the methodolgy, even mentioned details like they were to deny the call was coming from a call centre in Dublin.

    The BT is part of INM?

    Their polls carry credibility in the south?

    It would be simple for a member of staff in the BT to ask about the methodology.

    Maybe one of them should ask?

  • I Wonder

    I fail to understand why any politican, even the gang of odd-balls that uised to constitute the UKUP, should be so exercised about opinion polls, full stop.

    No politician has ever regarded them with anything other than contempt and ultimately, one has to agree with them that the expression of opinion that matters is the one where people mark their “X” or their “1-2-3”

  • joeCanuck

    Is this a classic case of trying to kill the messenger?
    I would have thought that that particular party has more pressing problems.

  • Vince

    Their polls carry credibility in the south?

    No chance in HELL!