DUP nominations for ministerial posts revealed

The DUP have unveiled their starting line-up for ministerial posts, although there’s an expectation that they will move other MLAs into the ministerial positions at some point in the future. That starting line-up will be – Minister for Finance and Personnel, DUP deputy leader Peter Robinson. Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Industry, Nigel Dodds. Minister for Culture, Arts and Leisure, Edwin Poots. And Minister for the Environment, Arlene Foster. Ian Paisley Jnr is to be a junior minister in the Department of First and Deputy First Minister. Update below the foldFrom the comments zone

The rest of the appointments are:

Sammy Wilson – Chair DE
Iris Robinson – Chair DHSSPS
William McCrea – Chair DARD
Gregory Campbell – Chair DSD
Jeffrey Donaldson – Chair Institutional Review Committee

George Dawson – V Chair DFP
David Hilditch – V Chair DSD
Jimmy Spratt – V Chair DEL
George Robinson – V Chair DRD

Maurice Morrow – Chair Procedures Committee
Mervyn Storey – V Chair Procedures Committee

Robin Newton – Chair Audit Committee

Police Board = Jeffrey Donaldson, Peter Weir, David Simpson & Tom Buchanan.

Stephen Moutray – Assembly Commission.