Donegal through to league decider…

As if to cap a perfect day… a superlative campaign, and thorough to the end…

  • frank

    Brian McIver has done a great job with Donegal & has introduced a lot of the professional training methods used by Tyrone & Armagh. They seem to have a mental toughness now.

    One to watch in this years Championship.

  • againstthehead

    as this seems to be the sports blogg for today:
    – well done to belfast harlequins for reaching the all ireland cup final – tremendous achievement considering the tough times they’ve had in the league.
    – congrats to Linfield, another league title – I was hoping it would have went down to the line, but to beat the Glens away to win the title is pretty impressive.
    – well done the Irish U19 rugby team. 100% commitment in every game. tremendous atmosphere at ravenhill for all the games and you gave the crowd something to cheer about.
    – respect to the cricketers – another victory!! howzat!!!

  • McIver’s record is fantastic. I have always rated Brian McEniff (and still do), but it is clear that McIver has brought a steelier edge to his panel. McEniff is a superb tactician but the free-flowing football that his Donegal team played was often over-shadowed by the new physical game which has been so perfectly epitomised by Tyrone and Armagh over the past 5 years.

    Donegal are real contenders this year…

  • Billy Pilgrim

    Agreed that McIver is doing a terrific job with Donegal – no surprise, considering his previous record, not only with his All Ireland-winning Ballinderry side, but also in building Magherafelt up from McLarnon also-rans to regular MacRory contenders. At this stage Donegal have to be favourites for the Ulster title, and with McIver at the helm, their perennial problem of indiscipline seems less likely to raise its ugly head.

    Congratulations also to the Armagh under 21s for a fantastic win in Saturday’s Ulster final. They overturned an early Monaghan blitz (five points down within five minutes) and a halftime deficit with a sensational second half performance. The most encouraging thing was the quality of the football on play, and the calibre of players we had on the bench. Hopefully we can go on and win the All Ireland – on the evidence of the games they’ve played so far, they look a very strong side, and have a good chance of going all the way.

    With our listless, injury-ravaged seniors meeting high-flying Donegal in the first round of the championship, I think it’s time for Armagh to start looking to the future.

  • GAAboardie

    Congrats from your neighbours in Tyrone Mick.
    Just wanted to give you the Heads up of an article that was in Yesterdays Tribune about GAA President Danny Murphey offering the hand of friendship to loyalists.
    Article ttiled “Ulster GAA says Yes to loyalists” i believe. It something which would be well debated on here.

  • Murphy

    Congratulations Donegal!

  • IJP

    If Joe Brolly reckons only Armagh, Tyrone and Kerry are proper teams, I’m only too pleased to see Donegal’s rise!

    It’s about time the red-and-black sorted it out though!

  • fair_deal

    “Ulster GAA says Yes to loyalists”

    Are loyalists planning a parade to and rally at Casement? 😉

  • Tochais Síoraí

    Dunno about that, fd but I’m sure the GAA would accomodate some of the more contentious Orange parades and their loyalist hangers-on if they agreed to confine themselves to Casement Pk.

  • wes

    “Are loyalists planning a parade to and rally at Casement? ;-)”

    I douby it, fd

    The IFA seem to facilitate all the needs of unionism.

    minutes silences to uvf/pup leader, free access to football grounds for the DUP during elections and oo marches & rallies at league grounds every summer.

  • BP1078

    Stand Up For The Ulstermen!
    Congrats Donegal!