22-year-old to face charges in terrorism investigation

Probably a story to watch as more details emerge. And at the minute it’s not clear whether it’s directly connected to the earlier arrest in Ballymena when a man was charged with UVF membership. But one of two other men arrested on Friday, in Belfast and Randalstown, in a police investigation into terrorist activity, will appear in Belfast court tomorrow charged with misconduct in public office, having information likely to be of use to terrorists, and breach of the Data Protection Act. The other man was released without charge. Updated below the fold More The 22-year-old was a civil servant working as an administrative assistant for the PSNI.There have been two separate statements from Sinn Féin on the possibly related issue of individuals being informed that their details may have been passed to terrorist groups.

On Saturday, as reported by UTV, SF MLA Daithi McKay stated

“Since the appearance in court yesterday of a Wrightbus employee who was charged with a variety of offences linked to the UVF, including holding information, a number of republicans in Derry City, South Derry and North Antrim have been visited by the PSNI.

“They have been informed that their personal details are in the hands of unionist paramilitaries. Sinn Féin and the individuals concerned are obviously taking this matter seriously. It is unacceptable that unionist paramilitaries continue to target republicans in this manner and the events of the past 24 hours clearly raise very serious issues for the wider unionist community.”

‘While today, as the BBC notes, Martin McGuinness attempted to further clarify the situation..

“Since Friday evening when the PSNI began visiting the homes of republicans and nationalists in Derry City, South Derry and North Antrim and throughout the weekend I have been approached by people fearful of their personal safety. I have to say that many of these people have no connection whatever to Sinn Féin.”


“Given the fact that the UVF is the unionist paramilitary gang linked to these threats then it is now over to that organisation and the PUP to make urgent statements explaining this turn of events and making it clear what threats exist or don’t exist.”

And according to the Irish Times Breaking News report, the leader of the UVF-aligned PUP, and independent member of the policing board, has responded

PUP leader Dawn Purvis said she had no knowledge of any plot.

“My understanding from the PSNI is that there’s no threat to anyone but that the PSNI have a responsibility to inform someone under the human rights legislation if their details or names are found in the hands of someone,” she said.

So that’s all right then.. obviously..