On Friday the thirteenth…

Cybez reports just the kind of day you might expect, given the day that’s in it… It put me in mind of a (apocryphal?) story told to me a former colleague years ago. Her friend was completely sold on the predictive powers of Astrology. Having read the stars on one particular day, the friend decided things were going to be so bad she might as well stay in bed. All was well, until at about lunch time nature called, and she had to go to the toilet. Upon pulling the chain, the cistern fell off the wall and landed on her head… There’s a moral in there somewhere…

  • Napoleon XIV

    A supposedly true story…

    In Kent, on the Isle of Sheppey, there once lived a gent called Sir Robert de Shurland. A soothsayer told him his horse would be the death of him. So he got his servants to take the horse down to the shore and kill it. He didn’t believe in taking chances, you see!

    Years later Sir Robert was walking along the shore when he chanced on the sun-bleached skeleton of his horse. He kicked it contemptuously, a fragment of bone entered his foot, and he died of blood poisoning. So his horse got him in the end.

    The moral? We’re all doomed anyway.

  • Roisin


    [i]There’s a moral in there somewhere…[/i]

    Shit happens?

  • Seamus Heaney was born on the 13th April 1939, though I believe that was a Thursday.

    Any sign of a ‘Slugger Astrologist’ Mick so I can watch out for falling cisterns?