Garvaghy Road Resignation Confirmed

The Irish News is today reporting that Breandan Mac Cionnaith, of the Garvaghy Road Residents Coalition, has left Sinn Fein, describing it as “something of a political shock” (Senior adviser in surprise resignation from Sinn Fein). Interestingly, Calton Radio scooped the Irish News on the story, claiming policing was an issue but both SF & Mac Cionnaith agreed to hush up his departure prior to the election (here, and here). John O’Dowd claims Mac Cionnaith is “still a friend to the party” whilst confirming his resignation to the Irish News.

UPDATE: The Belfast Telegraph picks up the story: Garvaghy Road residents’ leader resigns from Sinn Fein
The Sunday Life has this: Year-long secret Drumcree talks end in failure, which the Orange Order corrects: Drumcree talks ‘are going very slowly’ – Order