Garvaghy Road Resignation Confirmed

The Irish News is today reporting that Breandan Mac Cionnaith, of the Garvaghy Road Residents Coalition, has left Sinn Fein, describing it as “something of a political shock” (Senior adviser in surprise resignation from Sinn Fein). Interestingly, Calton Radio scooped the Irish News on the story, claiming policing was an issue but both SF & Mac Cionnaith agreed to hush up his departure prior to the election (here, and here). John O’Dowd claims Mac Cionnaith is “still a friend to the party” whilst confirming his resignation to the Irish News.

UPDATE: The Belfast Telegraph picks up the story: Garvaghy Road residents’ leader resigns from Sinn Fein
The Sunday Life has this: Year-long secret Drumcree talks end in failure, which the Orange Order corrects: Drumcree talks ‘are going very slowly’ – Order

  • Tori

    It was unavoidable Breandan Mac Cionnaith left Sinn Féin.Provos are paying the right price of a dangerous and absurd politics.A few days ago,SF members helped PSNI to arrest IRPWA’a volunteers,attacking the heart of republicanesim:Hunger Strikers and their relatives.On the other hand,Martin McGuinnness declared(April,9th):1)”I truly believe that we(Provisional SF)have begun the countdown to a United Ireland”
    2)”Irish government should release republican prisoners in Castlerea jail.”
    3)Noel Maguire has to be repatriated.”
    4)”Easter rising must be more important in Norhern Irish ceremonies”.
    5)PIRA submitted an oration to An Poblacht,remembering 1916 and voicing a will to carry on the fight.
    What’s real SF members’aim?Building the Irish unity or supportnig the english imperialism?I only wish they give us a clear political view,because,following this way,they are creating harassment and confusion.

  • Dread Cthulhu

    Ian: “And I’m sure the issues you lay out above may well be put forward by the residents groups if and when direct face-to-face negotiations begin. But why should the residents lay out their bottom-line positions in advance of negotiations commencing, when the Orange Order won’t even deign to talk to them like fellow human beings? ”

    Mainly to avoid the tediousness of feign outrage and extreme negotiating positions.

    Again, I’m not all that worried about the tit-for-tat small-mindedness that is bogging down Chris Donnelly and others. The more reasonable nationalists behave and carry themselves, the less rational and more extreme the OO and the Loyalist louts who cling to their apron strings will appear. For example, they did a nice job in Bangor — now even Unionists want to ban parades!

    Ian: “On the wider political front, I wonder will the DUP throw the toys out of the pram if this isn’t resolved? Would they be so stupid as to make it a deal-breaker? ”

    I’d say even Rev. No isn’t that daft, but no one ever went broke betting on human folly.

    Ian: “Just at the point when the long-term Adams project of defanging militant republicanism appears to have come to fruition, this is the one issue that might yet breathe life back into the moribund dissident republican groupings.”

    That would take work. Perhaps even more work that the “Protestant work ethic” would allow. It would willful stupidity to acheive that end. Then again, no one went broke betting on human stupidity…

  • Ian

    “That would take work. Perhaps even more work that the “Protestant work ethic” would allow. It would willful stupidity to acheive that end.”

    CIRA tried to hijack the issue at Ardoyne in July 2005. The danger is there. I guess it goes back to that old saying, “If the IRA didn’t exist then Unionism would have to invent it.” Which some would say is what happened in the 60’s – let’s hope Paisley doesn’t make the same mistake again…

  • SuperSoupy


    My hasn’t your English improved. You were Italian just a few days ago.

    Hint: If you don’t want people to catch on you are trolling don’t use such a dead give away as the repeated absence of spacing after a full stop when presenting the same idea. (even alternating to and from pigeon English won’t cover your tracks)

  • IJP


    You’ve carried off a brilliant exposé of the underlying beliefs and assumptions which render our society still a million miles from one in which equality of opportunity, civic responsibility and basic democratic fundamentals can be taken for granted.

    It’s more basic even than you say.

    Equality is not only for everyone, but it applies everywhere. Full stop.

    You do not cease to have rights and responsibilities just because you’re one thing in an area which is predominantly the other.

    That’s the bit the OO don’t get. It’s also, funnily, the bit Chris Donnelly doesn’t get. They’ve more in common than they’re care to admit…

  • kokane

    Walk Walk for Talk Talk

    Brendan on his bike – maybe a deal in the offing.

    The taigs dont like marching prods – the prods dont like irish speaking taigs. You let us walk where we want – the right to Parade – and we let you talk how you like – the right to an Irish language bill.

  • willowfield


    Willowfield, what nonsense are you talking? Brenda McCionnaith had openly worked for SF for the past number of years. No one tried to hide that, it was public knowledge – obviously you are a bit behind the times…

    When the anti-Orange protests on the Garvaghy Road began and McKenna first came to public attention, the Provos made a big deal of pretending that neither McKenna nor the “Garvaghy Road Residents’ Coalition” had anything to do with the Provos. We were supposed to believe that the “Coalition” was a spontaneously-organised body that sprang up from nowhere with no Provo involvement. McKenna was even put up as an “independent” council candidate.

  • kensei

    “Equality is not only for everyone, but it applies everywhere. Full stop.

    You do not cease to have rights and responsibilities just because you’re one thing in an area which is predominantly the other. ”

    Sure but rights and responsibilities conflict and are not always absolute, which the bit you always miss, IJP.

  • IJP


    Care to provide an example in evidence of me “always missing” it?

  • hotdogx

    Not convinced at all:
    the reason theres not much orange order in the republic is because sectarian organizations are not required. Nobody cares what religion anyone is. You cant apply twisted NI logic to a normal country.However if one wants to participate in such nonsense there is no law against it. and like in the republic once they can walk anywhere they like and since there will be no more confrontations people will loose interest and member numbers will drop and the oo will be forgotten for the most part just as witch hunting in the middle ages was forgotten. I hope the oo will march in o’connel st dublin soon. this time nobody will turn up cos nobody cares. The oo is all about sticking it up to the other side, when that element is removed there will be no need for the oo

  • frank

    I hope the oo don’t bring any of the bands who participated in the ‘junior’ parade in Bangor on Easter Tuesday to Dublin.

    Bands associated with the Shankill butchers would probably be as unwelcome in Dublin as they were in unionist Bangor last week.