Derry City to compete in next season’s Champions League

Shelbourne have decided against applying for a UEFA licence, meaning their place in next season’s Champions League will be taken by Derry City. Champions Shelbourne were relegated from the Premier League to the First Division for the coming season after an investigation by the FAI’s first instance committee into their financial problems. Shels say their decision is partly based on the fact that they don’t want damage the Eircom League’s co-efficient in Europe.

  • Yokel

    How many qualifying rounds for the initial group stages for them, 1 or 2?

  • Keith M

    It should be Shelbourne or no one. Silly decision.

  • George

    there are three qualifying rounds ahead of the group stages and Derry will go into the first qualifying round.

  • Tochais Síoraí

    How could it possibly be Shelbourne? Even their fans don’t argue that one. They wouldn’t be able to compete at that level and not one of the team that won the league are left. Derry will do the league proud as they did last year & hopefully they’ll be able to hld onto Paddy Mc Court.

  • Dave

    I don’t see the point of derry being there at all, its not as if they ever make it to the group stages, the same applys to Linfield etc, its just completely farcical.

  • another_pleb


    The two greatest words in the english language.

    Best of luck to Derry City. They may provide a few upsets like PSG at the brandywell.

  • Derry Youth

    Don’t be stupid Dave. That is what European football is about. Its disgraceful enough that the Champions League has simply become an elitist tournament where far from Champions, the top 4 from England, Spain, Italy and clubs from a few other nations fight it out. Derry have earned their right to be in it and proved last year in beating Gothenburg twice and drawing with PSG(a g14 club) that they will be no pushovers.

    You must not forget that it wasn’t long ago that Shelbourne were within one match of qualifying for the group stages. We’ll do Ireland proud this year and hopefully boost the league’s coefficient. maybe then some of the barstoolers might take an interest in local football rather than the gruesome twosome and Man Utd.

  • George

    Agree with Derry Youth. Would also add that the first club team from Ireland to make it to the group stages of the Champions League gets the crock of gold, namely the millions from TV revenue.

    With that they will likely do a Rosenborg and be able to build a team strong enough to guarantee CL group football next season as well as winning the league for the next decade.

    It was looking like Shelbourne but they went bust. Derry are next up and it would be mad if they were the team to manage it. That would certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons. Meanwhile if they slip up I’m sure Cork will be up for it next season.

    It is looking like Platini is going to back down on his promise to limit the number of CL clubs to three per country but the compromise being floated is that clubs from the same country won’t be kept apart in the qualifying or group stages.

  • The World’s Gone Mad

    Dave – you only have to look back to last season. Artmedia Bratislava (Slovakian team) started off in the First Qualifying round. After scraping past the mighty Kairat Almaty of Kazakhstan 4-3 on aggregate in the First Round they made it through to the Group stages – hammering Celtic and remaining undefeated against Rangers along the way.

  • darth rumsfeld

    slightly off thread condolences to Liam Coyle on the death of his father NI legend Fay

  • Derry Youth

    I’d also like to add my condolences to the Coyle family. Although I’m obviously too young to have seen Fay play, if he was anything like his son he must have been very good indeed. RIP

  • Valenciano

    “It is looking like Platini is going to back down on his promise to limit the number of CL clubs to three per country but the compromise being floated is that clubs from the same country won’t be kept apart in the qualifying or group stages.”

    Personally I’d like to go back to the old egalitarian format of only having the champions and holders in and all starting at the same stage or one round later but the big clubs will never buy it and it would also screw this seasons likely winners Valencia over in the future 🙂

    If they must have four teams per country in then all of them except the champs should start in the first qualifying round thus spreading the revenue around a bit.

  • GavBelfast

    Another of the 1958 World Cup Finals squad departs this life, sad news.

    All the best to Derry City in the Champions League next season.

  • JG

    It could have been worse for Shelbourne. They could have been rescued by

    Only three teams per country would be good as it would force one of Arsenal or the most useless CL “Winners?” (Ha! Gifted by incompetent referee) fight it out rather than just drift in by default.