Ireland face West Indies.. again..

With the investigation ongoing into the murder of Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer Ireland face World Cup hosts West Indies this afternoon, 2.30pm start, as the cricket continues. The West Indies are not taking anything for granted, what with 2 points at stake for the Super Eight round, and they know that the Ireland squad have beaten them before, and not just in 1969. The Irish skipper Trent Johnston, however, has been ruled out of the side with an injury. You can follow today’s game here… or here. Is there a broadcast anywhere? Update Ireland have won the toss and will bat. Now 161-6 from 45.2 overs. The covers are coming off. Apparently Should it be required, West Indies’ Duckworth Lewis target would be 178 off 45 overs But it’s not required. Final Total 183-8 from 48 overs. Ireland will need to keep the bowling tight, get early wickets, and have good luck. But a win from here is not impossible. Especially when Messrs Duckworth and Lewis decree Windies need 190 from their 48 overs. Current WI Total 190-2 from 38.1 overs. End Convincing win by WIndies, with a six from Samuels to finish with and a majestic 102 from 113 balls for Chanderpaul, including 10 fours and 4 sixes.A quick reminder of past glory..


  • merrie

    You can check everything out here:

  • bpower

    I not encouraging gambling, BUUUUUTTT… are offering ireland at 4/6 with a 101 run and 7.5 wicket “head start”. I don’t like to bet at odds on, but that was too good to resist.

  • George

    Ireland win the toss and choose to bat.

    I am happy about this. A good move.

  • inuit_goddess

    Nuts, we just lost Porterfield – now at 8-1.

  • GavBelfast

    A few near misses, but this is a really good effort @ 60-1 off 14ov.

  • smcgiff

    ‘A few near misses, but this is a really good effort @ 60-1 off 14ov.’

    Yip – looks like they’re really going for it!

  • inuit_goddess

    Any radio commentary anywhere? 5 live extra seems focussed on India v Sri Lanka?

  • Any radio commentary anywhere? 5 live extra seems focussed on India v Sri Lanka?

    And the Guardian… and Cricinfo’s live scorecard seems to be being muellered by the traffic.

  • FewsOrange
  • Niall O’Brien gone now. Botha in to partner Bray. Run rate slipping well below 4 now.


  • And Bray. Oh dear.

  • Or not. Cricinfo is contradicting itself.

  • George

    101-4. Runs drying up.

  • overhere

    126-4 now

  • Bye bye O’Brien number two.

    Up comes White.

    129-5 off 36 overs. Not looking great.

  • smcgiff

    161-6 from 45.2 – I dunno lads I think that’s pretty good considering.

  • inuit_goddess

    Well if we can put on a bowling performance like we did against Pakistan…. but i feel like touching wood as soon as i say that!

    Looks like we may need a Duckworth-Lewis expert if the weather keeps up though.

  • Pete Baker

    We’ll need the D-L target calculated from the final total.. they’re only playing 48 overs though.

  • Pete Baker

    Actually, we’ll probably not.. since Windies will probably get 48 overs too.


  • Pete Baker

    Actually, it turns out that D-L does come into play..

    West Indies will chase 190 off 48 overs

  • smcgiff

    ‘West Indies will chase 190 off 48 overs’

    That’s not bad at all and gives Ireland a half decent chance. I wouldn’t put money on it mind! 🙂

  • Pete Baker


    Gayle goes for 18.. Windies 24-1

  • bpower

    rankin’s havin a bad one.

  • Pete Baker

    A few quick wickets would help greatly..

  • inuit_goddess

    Well if the Sri Lankans can bowl the India tail-end out quickly we might even get some commentary…

  • Absolutely sublime from Chanderpaul. He’s giving us a thumping single-handedly, and all I can do is sit back and applaud him.

  • Pete Baker

    Chanderpaul has been majestic.

    And India need Bermuda to beat Bangladesh.. or they’re on the plane home with Pakistan.

  • They’re on the plane home with Pakistan. Bangladesh destroyed them!

  • Sorry, meant to say Sri Lanka absolutely destroyed them (and must be in with a good shout of winning the whole thing if they keep playing this way).

  • Pete Baker

    Meanwhile.. Wicket!!

    Wrong one though.. and too late..

  • merrie

    Only lost by six wickets. That’s not bad at all – though better to have won.

    183 is a low score for 48 overs though.

  • Pete Baker

    Was that a prediction, merrie? ;o)

  • inuit_goddess

    Ah well, not a bad result albeit just a little back down to earth!

    Still though, onwards to the Super Eights!

  • merrie


    No, no – I thought I was reading the final score!!
    Final result: 7 runs, really by 8 wickets which is a drubbing.

    Ireland is still in there to play Australia next month.