“sheer persistence and refusal to give up.”

In an effort to avoid hitting the quick in the nail-biter we’re following here.. at 81 for 4 off 27.3 overs there’s a rain delay [which would apparently leave Ireland in a winning position and put Pakistan, a seeded team, out of the competition – Ed]. How about a player’s perspective, from Andrew White, of Ireland’s opening match in the Cricket World Cup.. only the third ever drawn match in the competition. [Hmm.. “a best wishes fax from Mr Bertie Ahern” but not from the Secretary of State for Wales, etc? – Ed]

Having watched the final few overs on television replays the emotions that were etched across every face of every supporter shown meant I could only smile. If ever there was an indication to me that it’s easier being in the middle than in the stands, then this was it.

Adds The Guardian’s Andy Bull will be there ’til the end. He adds “And for all you Irish folk trying to figure out the rain rules I’ll say this: at the moment Ireland will win by Duckworth Lewis calculations (D/L is an incredibly complex formula that decides who wins rain-affected matches). When play starts expect Ireland to be facing a reduced total from the original 132 because of those calculations. OK?” New target 128 runs.. from 47 overs? 133-7, 0 needed. Superb 6 to finish with. Ireland win. Pakistan out of the competition. Unless Zimbabwe replicate that performance against Pakistan, Ireland will go through to the final stages. Final Cricket history, guys, cricket history.