“more cricketers in Lancashire or Yorkshire than in the whole of Ireland..”

It seems that the Pakistan cricket team, and captain Inzamam-ul-Haq in particular, are to be fined for the slow over rate in the nail-biter yesterday. That’s not as petty as it might sound, with rain threatening and the light deteriorating at the end of Ireland’s innings, it could have affected the result.. Thankfully it didn’t. And, in addition to the report Mick pointed to last night, the Observer has another good article on the “extraordinarily tense low-scoring affair” and they talked to Eddie Lewis, coach at Merrion Cricket Club – “Oh brother, what a day for brilliant Ireland”

‘It was very big 200 years ago,’ Lewis says. ‘At the beginning of the 19th century it was the main team sport and it used to be played at the end of each railway line. There would be Cork County, Galway County, Leitrim County and so on and there was even an Irish equivalent of Wisden between 1860 and 1880.’ 150 years on and they have completed their first World Cup victory.

Adds The BBC are reporting that Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer is in hospital after being found unconscious in his hotel room. The impact of the result is evident in his comments recorded in this BBC blog post. Update It’s now being reported that Bob Woolmer has died. Some Tributes to Bob Woolmer

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  • Sam

    And death threats for Inzamam and Woolmer according to Al Jazeera – http://english.aljazeera.net/NR/exeres/030645C7-865B-4BED-8E4E-FB9782A4A44B.htm

  • Woolmer is dead. Poor man. God rest his soul.

  • slug

    No need for a death threat now.

    Woolmer is dead.

  • T.Ruth

    West Indies all out for 28 runs against Ireland in Sion Mills.Ireland won comfortably. It was a long time ago perhaps forty five years.The Windies team was full of big cricket names. Can any historian from Sion Mills/Strabane give us the details/.I remember being invited to Sion Mills on the 25th anniversary of the event for a sporting celebration.There was a football match Derry and Coleraine and Finn harps combined beat Belfast Select team 6-4-It was agreat game with great football-a foretaste of things to come in the Setanta Cup. T.Ruth

  • Details, T. Ruth? You can watch clips at http://youtube.com/watch?v=14_WVpAzq8A

  • Sidney

    This defeat is likely to do nothing to help the political crisis that is currently engulfing Pakistan could be the final straw for the Military dictorship. Possible democratic elections and street politics which will see the coming to power of Islamic hardliners more support for the Taliban and a running out of the Imperialists from Afghanistan. Plus a Saxon dead as well, my god if we had only played their foreign game and beat them we could have had this country free from the Imperialists hundreds of years ago and might have been allowed to keep our language and culture. Great to see Rangers jersey wearing types cheering on an all Ireland team this is something fabulous for the country.

  • Pete Baker

    No trolling, please.

  • Doctor Who

    The news of Bob Woolmer´s death has come as a big shock and put a huge dampner on last nights celebrations.

    Our thoughts should be with his family at this time.

  • Nevin

    TRuth, West Indies was 25 all out in the first innings in Strabane in 1969. Ireland won the match by nine wickets.

  • Harry Flashman


    “Plus a Saxon dead as well,”

    That ‘saxon’ leaves behind a grieving family and you gloat over his death, you really are a bit of an arsehole aren’t you?

  • willowfield

    “more cricketers in Lancashire or Yorkshire than in the whole of Ireland..”

    What point is meant to be conveyed by this phrase? There are as many people, if not more, in Lancashire or Yorkshire as there are in Ireland.

  • darth rumsfeld

    Bob Woolmer was a true gentleman and a cricketing giant- it was a mark of his skill that he was able to preside over the madhouse that is Pakistani cricket to the degree that the neverending scandals,personality clashes, gamesmanship etc were still not regarded as an impediment to their undoubted talent and they were one of the favourites for the World Cup.

    Sadly this match will now be remembered for the tragedy of Bob’s death more than the Irish team’s great triumph

    Oh, and Sidney, why would Ulstermen not support the Irish team which they carried for decades, and which has not been as mealymouthed in its response to the 2 jurisdictions problem as the IRFU?

  • Phil McAvity


    I think that the populations of both Lancashire and Yorkshire may be about half a million or so short of the population of Ireland, but it is difficult to get accurate figures because local government areas in this country are generally very different to the traditional county boundaries. As a guess I would say that both counties had a little over 5 million people within their traditional boundaries.

  • willowfield

    There you go, then. So what point is meant to be conveyed by the phrase “more cricketers in Lancashire or Yorkshire than in the whole of Ireland”?

  • Pete Baker


    It’s just a phrase plucked from the linked Observer article intended to encourage anyone interested in what is being said to go and read the full article.

  • Pete Baker


    Zimbabwe just made 202 for 5 off their 50 overs against the West Indies.

  • T.Ruth

    Sammy Morse and Nevin Thank You

  • Pete Baker

    West Indies

    167 for 4 (42 overs)

    but Lara’s still at the crease..

  • Pete Baker

    Looking slightly more comfortable now at 184 for 4 (45 overs)

  • Very laboured win by the Windies. I think they might be for the taking lads…

  • Pete Baker

    West Indies 204-4 (Lara 43 Bravo 37)

    Sammy, don’t you believe it. As far as I can tell, they’ll benefit from a clean sweep in the group.

    If Zimbabwe beat Pakistan, a not unfeasible possibility, it’ll come down to a comparison of run rates.. and Zimbabwe just helped their cause in this match.

  • Nathan

    Mister Lewis….Irish cricket did experience an uplift in terms of participation between 1850-90, but apart from that it wasn’t a big sport.

    Only TCD competed with 1st-class status, in the late 19C/early 20C. On a county level, cricket was usually played on an informal basis e.g. in Limerick there were 2 clubs, the now defunct Limerick Protestant Young Men’s Association (LPYMA) and the Catholic Institute….before they merged to become a single club Limerick CC

    Closer to home, cricket was mainly played in the (Catholic) fee-paying schools of Dublin e.g. Leeson St, Belvedere (Cathal Brugha played it here), Clongowes (John Redmond and Tom Kettle played it here), St Mary’s. But again, on an informal basis as an extra-curricular activity rather than anything semi-professional….