“If France and England lose heavily and Italy beat Ireland by around 50pts…”

Still an hour or so to go before the start of the St Patrick’s Day sporting feast and, if the opinions of the Australian, South African, New Zealand and Argentinian coaches are anything to go by Ireland will have an uphill task to set a high enough target to see off the French. As Jake White, the South African coach puts it, playing at home, “France will know exactly what they have to do..” So fingers crossed then that Italy [and France – Ed] have an off-day.. however, given the apparent theme of the day, and as the Big G’s Newsblog spotted, it’s worth keeping in mind that not all leprechauns are lucky.. Updated Final score Italy 24 – 51 Ireland Half-time in Paris France 20 – 14 Scotland. In Jamaica, Pakistan are 72-6 off 21.1 overs. Final score in Paris, with a last minute try, France 46 – 19 Scotland. The French take it by 4 points. Meanwhile, Pakistan now 115 for 8. Adds Ireland have bowled Pakistan all out for 132 runs off 45.4 overs. Stunning performance. Now if they can hold the batting together.. More The Guardian’s Andy Bull is following Ireland’s innings, among other nail-biting matches, 3 for 0 after first over. Now 44-2 from 15 overs After 25 of 50 overs, Ireland are 72 for 4.. Steady, guys! Aaarrgh!! 81 for 4 from 27.3 overs. Rain stopped play. Back at the crease chasing 128 from 47 overs.. seemingly.. 133, 0 needed Five Live Cricket special.. fading light.. Superb 6 to finish with. Ireland win. Pakistan out of the competition. Unless Zimbabwe replicate that performance against Pakistan, Ireland will go through to the final stages. Final Cricket history, guys, cricket history.The Guardian also sets out the possible outcomes.. including the most outside of outside chances..

If England, France and Ireland win

· England must win by 31 points more than France and 27 points more than Ireland.

· Ireland must win by 5 points more than France and can afford to win by anything up to 25 points less than England.

· France can afford to win by 4 points less than Ireland and 29 points less than England.

If England lose and France and Ireland win

·Ireland must beat Italy by five points more than France’s margin of victory over Scotland

If Ireland lose and France and England win

·England must beat Wales by 30 points more than France’s margin of victory over Scotland

If France lose and England and Ireland win

·England must beat Wales by 27 points more than Ireland’s margin of victory over Italy

If two of France, Ireland and England lose and one wins

·The winner takes the title

If France, England and Ireland lose

·France can afford to lose by 5 points more than Ireland. If France and Ireland lose by wide margins (30pts+ each) a narrow England loss could still secure the title

If France and England lose heavily and Italy beat Ireland by around 50pts…

·Italy will be Six Nations champions

Updated Italy 24 – 51 Ireland. With a disputed late try by Italy. It rules out some of those options listed above but, barring a complete trouncing of Wales by England, if Scotland can keep with 24 points of France…

Adds which Scotland failed to do.. just.

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  • smcgiff

    Just ONE ball needed!

  • Séamus – usual crap with rights issues – won’t let you listen outside the UK. I just put two and two together.

  • smcgiff

    No worries Sam – I’ll enjoy the highlights on the beeb all the more. Surely NOW!!!

  • smcgiff

    47 balls 5 runs… They should cherry pick the sweetest balls now. Come on Ireland!!!

  • Doctor Who

    it´s too much, I am really nervous…this would be a fantastic win COME ON …

  • Aaron McDaid

    I’m going to sign off here and just watch the highlights on BBC1 at 11.45pm instead. I just hope my Pakistani flatmate doesn’t spoil the surprise either way!

  • Mick Fealty


    They should cherry pick the sweetest balls now.

    That’s just exactly what O’Brien is doing, bless him!! Our man from RTE is about to report home!!

  • smcgiff

    Delayed gratification, Aaron? 🙂

  • Doctor Who

    It´s up for grabs now

  • Mick Fealty

    2 more needed, 28 balls left… What a Paddy’s Day!!

  • smcgiff

    BTW, Aaron, If Ireland win I doubt the Beeb commentators will be able not to give it away what with their dropped jaws!!! 🙂

  • BP1078

    The Irish are in full voice, this is more Croke Park than Sabina Park now

    Are there many over?

  • Mick Fealty

    “Kevin O’Brien is pumping his fist at the crowd”.

    One run to go…

  • Mick Fealty

    Afecking 6

  • The winning ball is a six from Trent Johnston. Fuck yeah!!!

  • smcgiff


    Scunthorpe beat Man United to lift the FA Cup!!!!

  • Chris Donnelly

    An absolutely fantastic sporting achievement! Great way to end St. Patrick’s Day, though I’d imagine celebrations will just be beginning over there- Well done!

  • Mick Fealty

    “we’ve just been hanging on your every word”…

    Seems the BBC in Trinidad got cut off from the tele feed, about an hour and a half ago… I know how you feel…

    Sign off: “The Irish have done magnificently well…”

  • BP1078

    Imran Khan, President Musharaff, Ms Bhutto…er and the others..we’ve given your boys one helluva a beating

  • smcgiff

    Fairy tale stuff… Ireland for Test Nation status?!? 😉

  • Mick Fealty

    Andy Bull:

    42nd over: Ireland 133-7 (O’Brien 14 Johnston 9) There is the run and the scores are now level. Trent Johnston has hit a SIX! He has actually hit the ball out of the ground. Remember this: it is cricket history. Ireland have won, Pakistan go home.

  • Doctor Who

    Absolutely incredible, remarkable, I´m speechless…afecking six from Trent Johnson to clinch it, brilliant, this has to be one of the biggest sporting upsets ever….watch out West Indies….remember sion mills.

    Wonderful, what can you say. For those who find Cricket boring, you need to watch this.

  • Mick Fealty

    Jonathan Agnew, Matthew Engel, what say ye now?

  • Indeed Dr. Who – never forget Sion Mills.

    Don’t rate our odds of getting them hammered the night before this time, though! (Mind you, the drink excuse won’t work for Pakistan!!!)

  • Doctor Who

    Pakistan went into this tournament with a very arrogant attitude, I suspect that they are not looking forward to going home.

    Bob Woolmer would be better not going back with them.

    Incredible display by Ireland, O´Brien what a wonderful innings and inspired wicket keeping. To think that Kent dumped him for Geriant Jones. Botha kept the Pakistan run rate down and was harshly ajudged caught for 0. It has to be said that Ireland where also on the wrong end of some strange umpire decisions.

    Wonderful, fantastic a true upset and incredible victory against the number 4 ranked team in the world.

  • Gabriel Beecham

    Such a depressing day of rugby. The cricket is good news though.

  • against the head

    hmm, funny how there’s been little mention on the rugger – only sing when we’re winning comes to mind. For my tuppence, I have to say that Irlenad not winning the 6 nations was an absolute disgrace. Frankly we threw it away for a number of reasons:

    1. The quality of the competition was extremely poor, worst england, wales and scotland sides for years.
    2. France came from an Autumn were they were smashed at home by NZ, and have been struggling for a while. Ireland came into the tournament after a perfect Autumn campaign.
    3. Ireland had a fully fit squad of the most talented players we have ever had, wereas all other nations were missing key personel due to injury.
    4. We played the big 2 at home – England and France. Home advantage in Rugby must be a good 10 points.

    Why did we not win the tournament?
    1. Horrific away performance to Wales and Scotland. PLayers lacked motivation for the ‘smaller’ games. Make no mistake the 6 nations was not lost away to italy, if we had beaten wales and scotland by a half decent margin, well…

    2. Lack of pressure for positions. EOS selected a starting 15 from day 1, each player pretty much knowing his position was secure. Only players under pressure to perform were easterby and rory best, who in turn put in huge performances in evey game.

    3. Losing against France. Home advantage. Enough said.

  • abucs

    Well done the Irish Cricket team. Kinda takes your mind off the rugby. To be fair though, it was a good game and Ireland came out playing good open rugby.

    They should have beat the frogs !!!!

    Congrats to the French though. Too good in the end.

  • Mick Fealty

    Too professional. That last Italian try, was a case of us taking the margin when we had it.

  • against the head

    Clearly at the time the players had no idea what would be the required scoreline, a france side at home is capable of achieving 50-60 points. donøt forget we got a lucky try, from a forward pass in the first half, so no need to grumble.
    Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but we lost the tournament by playing shocking rugby away to wales and scotland. These sides are medicre to say the least, the Kiwis would be hitting them for 30-40 points at least.

    After the Autumn internationls – I’m extremely disapointed. Ireland are the second best side in the world, but like last year, we come awy with nothing.
    I’ll reiterate, when you get to play france and england at home, the tournamnet is yours to lose. We lost it.