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Despite the official statement, I suspect that the BBC report more accurately reflects the reason for the invitation to the Sinn Féin MP for Newry and Armagh, Conor Murphy, to attend the enthronement of Alan Harper as the new Primate of the Church of Ireland – namely that he was invited as the local MP. Regardless of any spin, the event was fortuitously timed.. since the Duke of Edinburgh also happened to be in the neighbourhood.. and His Royal Highness decided to drop in on the ceremony too.. [Will there be drinks afterwards? – Ed]

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  • If the Radio Ulster MW coverage of Alan Harper’s enthronement was anything to go by, either the singing was lousy, or the mics were badly placed.

    Sounded like the St Patrick’s Day celebrations had started early.

  • susan

    As long as nobody got up on a barstool and tried to sing “Bridge Over Troubled Waters,” I’m sure it was a lovely occasion.

    Nice speech by Bishop Harper:

    It is time to turn from truce to peace,” he said.

    “The wounds that are the signs of our divisions are deep and stubbornly hard to heal, yet you and I, with the whole church of God, are charged with that healing.

    “We must declare, yes, even the disobedient, divided and historically quarrelsome church must declare, that the will of Christ is unity, that the church is a family with shared DNA, and also that we, the people who share a home here, belong to each other.

    “We are one community, tragically divided but not separate, not competing, not alien communities.”

    Best wishes to him and to all in attendance.

  • Kathy_C

    posted by Kathy C

    Hi all,

    The church of Ireland is in anglican communion with the church of england that has the queen…elizabeth as the head of the church….

    but what I find great peace in the fact….it is said that God told St. Patrick that Ireland would remain Catholic. It was St. Patrick (the Catholic) who ordained that Armagh should have pre emince over all the churches in Ireland. and that is why the protestants have fought so diligently to have the head of their church called the primate of all Ireland. Over the centuries the protestants have taken alot of what is Irish….from the lands in the plantation time to taking what Catholic Patrick ordered for the Catholic Church….the place and title of Armagh….yet here again the protestants take it….
    The queen is the head of the anglican church…and it is the queens church that has taken what St. Patrick ordained for the Irish Catholic church….no surprise there …….

  • susan

    You know Kathy C, as a Catholic, I’d like to find great peace in believing that while our prescient Saint Patrick may or may not have been the first to utter the phrase, “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition,” he’d have been hurt and mortified by attempts to invoke his name in not so subtle attempts to bring guilt by association on me and mine for events hundreds of years before our birth…. but I suppose I can’t know for sure.

  • Comrade Stalin

    KathyC, did the concept of “Catholicism” as we now understand it exist at the time of St. P ?

    [Me ? I’m looking forward to the day when people stop dividing themselves over a made-up imaginary deity.]

  • merrie

    There are two cathedrals of St Patrick in Armagh now. I wonder what will happen to them when the Anglicans rejoin the Catholic Church.

    I think the new one is better sited and is bigger, tho the other one has so much history associated with it.

  • susan

    [Me ? I’m looking forward to the day when people stop dividing themselves over a made-up imaginary deity.]–Comrade Stalin

    Says yer wan who thinks he’s Stalin.

    Only joking, Josef. All the best to you and all the little archipeligos.

  • Am I the only person who finds Martina Anderson patronising? Ms. Anderson may have forgotten the presence of Her Excellency, Mary McAleese, Uachtaran na hEireann at the ceremony and the proud Irish identity of Church of Ireland members in the Republic.

    As for Kathy_C’s assertion that the Queen is the head of the Anglican Church and Defender like view of Irish Anglicanism – dear oh dear.

    The British Monarch is Supreme Governor of the Church of England and no other branch of the Anglican Communion. All Churches of the communion are equal to each other and the Archbishop of Canterbury is Primus inter Pares, Primate among equals and without powers to bind Anglican believers to anything except the Nicene Creed.

    Next thing you know there’ll be assertions that Anglicans aren’t any different from Free Presbyterians.

  • Joe

    What exactly do SF stand for these days?

  • kensei

    “KathyC, did the concept of “Catholicism” as we now understand it exist at the time of St. P ?”

    5th-6th Century? Certainly.

    From wiki:

    The first known use of the term “Catholic Church” was in a letter by Ignatius of Antioch in 107, who wrote: “Where the bishop appears, there let the people be, just as where Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church.”

    St Patrick was probably sent by a Pope.

  • Elvis Parker

    Only the dumbest Irish Nationalist or indeed an Irish American would try to suggest that St Patrick is ‘Catholic’ as in Roman Catholic.
    St Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland he was not Protestant or Catholic, Unionist or Nationalist.

  • “Over the centuries the protestants have taken alot of what is Irish”

    I am Protestant, and Irish, I haven’t taken anything, thankyou very much. What are you talking about?

    “….from the lands in the plantation time”

    Again, Kathy, you write from a land stolen from the indigenous people. Go visit your nearest reservation, or develop a new hobby.

  • darth rumsfeld

    actually Kathy is quite right-

    all the planters should go home-y’know, people like…er Gerry Adams, Danny Morrison,Martina Anderson, plus all the families of the late Sean Macstiofan aka Johnny Stevenson, the late Roger Casement, the late Bobby Sands, the late Micheal Collins,leaving Oireland to the Oirish- like Ken Maginnis, Sir John Gorman,Bob Mccartney, and the late Lenny Murphy’s family.
    Oh, and no more Spanish like the family of Senor Devalera- and while we’re at it, all those Poles, Latvians etc taking all the Oirish gold.

    Y’know Kathy, even Gerry’s mate Father Reid has the wit to say that we added much more to the concept of Irishness than we weakened it( in between calling us nazis).He might be an ould loony, but he’s not as racist as you.

  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathy C

    Hi all,

    Elvis… have you of the saying….is the Pope Catholic? As to Saint Patrick…he was sent to Ireland by Pope Celestine. I’ve really haven’t heard people dispute the fact that Saint Patrick was a Catholic EXCEPT by unionist who even want to claim the Catholic Saint today as theirs.