On the utility of fan sports reporting…

It’s not easy to put yourself in shoes of the fans of other clubs/countries… but last night Laurence Booth captured the all to familiar essence (to some of us) of what it is to be a Manchester City fan with his bone dry minute by minute commentary on the Chelsea match…bone

  • BP1078

    Oh the gloom, the gloom, you could almost taste the despair in that report..

    City looking a good bet for the drop, Leeds continuing merrily on the road to the Rymans..all we need now is for the Scousers to come a cropper against PSV…and for Fergies red-shirted heroes to pick up the Premiership and the Champions League…turning out to be not too bad a season at all.
    (*Runs for cover*)

  • páid

    I think City are too good to go down.