“who do I buy and who do I sell?”

No tape, as yet, to accompany this interview – unlike yesterday – but there are elements in the short transcript of the Guardian’s interview with former SDLP MP Seamus Mallon which tally with what Peter Mandelson had to say.From the transcript

Q: Did you feel Tony Blair was being an honest broker?

Mallon: “Here was a guy with a moral dimension to everything. And I’m not sure at what point I began to realise that in his political dealings he was amoral and didn’t know the meaning of the word ‘honesty’.

“I don’t know whether that came all in one go, how quickly it came. At a point I came more and more to the view that this man’s word was worth nothing. I still don’t think it’s worth anything, by the way.

“That’s one of the most remarkable things about him. This man with a moral dimension to everything, who applied morality to nothing. I got increasingly to the point where I wouldn’t have taken his word for anything. And that was as a result of the dealings that I had with him.”

The morality, or otherwise, of certain decisions has been highlighted previously in regard to the current Secretary of State for Wales etc.… however troubled he protested he had been with that particular decision.

But there’s also the quote from Peter Mandelson which is in agreement with the general point made

“In order to keep the process in motion [Tony] would be sort of dangling carrots and possibilities in front of the republicans which I thought could never be delivered, that it was unreasonable and irresponsible to intimate that you could when you knew that you couldn’t.”

In case anyone needs a reminder, among other items that would include a certain target date.

It’s a policy Process™ which led Seamus Mallon to this conclusion

“In reality his whole strategy in terms of resolution of the Northern Ireland problem – I don’t use the term peace process – was ‘who do I buy and who do I sell’? At that time [1998] it was the Ulster Unionists. They had to be bought.

The latest episode of buying, and selling, is currently being discussed.

It’s just another contribution to the poisonous foundations of The Process™