Meanwhile on the streets

There have renewed sectarian clashes in the Ardoyne area over the past four days. It seems to have begun on Friday with an attack on a house in Glenbryn that then grew into street disturbances. On Saturday night, a nationalist youth was assaulted in Alliance Avenue by three men wielding an iron bar and a sectarian motive is suspected. Last night, it appears to have been stone and petrol bomb attacks on Glenbryn and Twaddell followed by rival gangs clashing. In Londonderry, there have been ongoing clashes at Irish Street which included a confrontation between rival gangs at a football match and there were attacks on the Apprentice Boys Memorial Hall. Text messaging and the internet site bebo are thought to have been used in organising the trouble in the Maiden City.

  • Donnie

    Riddle me this – is it true the OO have planned a “parade” for St. Patrick’s Day in Lurgan?! If so, why?!

  • Zorba

    Great to see the politicians playing the blame game in the media – plus ca change etc. The fact remains that, regardless of what goes on at the Big House, the issues of sectarianism on the streets will not be resolved – water rates or no water rates! It really is the elephant in the kitchen that nobody is allowed to mention…

  • Comrade Stalin

    It’s time for people to get behind the police and call for stiffer action in dealing with the people behind these attacks.

    I was in Las Vegas a while ago and noted that they have a curfew for under 18s after 10pm, at which point they may not be out unaccompanied by an adult.

    If push comes to shove, I’d have temporary post 7pm curfew for under-16s in trouble hotspots if the communities are not able to get together to work things out.

  • Zorba

    Jesus! listen to yer man,,

  • curfew kid

    “Jesus! listen to yer man,,”

    Agreed !!

  • Yokel

    God walls make good neighbors lads.

    lets face it, Londomn 7 Dublin will ignore things like this. Its all about an apparent peace deal at political level.

    Everything else can go hang.

  • Yokel

    Though good walls would suffice….

  • Shades40

    Re Lurgan parade:
    “The key points of the Parades Commission’s determination on this parade are below. The Commission did note in the purpose of this event is “To Celebrate the Re-Opening and Re-Dedication of Brownlow House After Ten Years of Restoration and Renovation.”

    The Parades Commission’s determination is that the following conditions are placed on the organiser and participants in the parade by Lurgan LOL No 6 in Lurgan on Saturday 17 March 2007.

    A. All participants in the parade are prohibited from entering that part of Church Place beyond the front of the War Memorial. The parade shall instead proceed only as far as the front of the War Memorial and shall then process back along Market Street and High Street to the dispersal point.

    B. The parade shall enter Market Street no earlier than 4.00 pm, and shall disperse promptly at the notified dispersal time.”

    Should be an interesting day in Lurgan (again)

  • BP1078

    Text messaging and the internet site bebo are thought to have been used in organising the trouble in the Maiden City

    Was this texting across the barricades?
    OK, it’s only to organise a barney, but as in the Orange Order finally celebrating St Pats day, there are positive signs there, if we only look hard enough.

  • Setting up a ruck via Bebo? This is indistinguishable from football hoolies.

  • Harris

    Regarding the horrific beating this guy took, Father Aidan Troy had this to say:

    “Father Aiden Troy, who administered the last rites, said the victim was unrecognisable. He told the Belfast Telegraph the injuries were the worst he had seen in 35 years. His face has been very, very badly disfigured and even if I did know who he was I would not have recognised him.”

    Now I don’t know about you, but this doesn’t sound like the work of republican-on-republican.

    The HATE and rage that it would take to pulverize someones face like this could only be described as sectarian.

  • fair_deal

    The beating mentioned at the start of this thread was a separate incident from the murder victim that Troy was describing.

  • susan

    Since Harris has brought that murder up, it is worth remembering the rest of Father Troy’s statement to the Telegraph:

    “The community is in absolute shock. Imagine waking up on Monday morning to something like this – a murder scene. This is something that we thought we wouldn’t see again. And because we don’t know who it is we don’t know why they were killed we don’t know the implications. But someone is dead and I would say it is totally wrong and that’s just awful for him and his family.

    “There is huge anxiety in the community. I have spoken to two families who are concerned about their loved ones who haven’t come home yet. We can just hope and pray.”

  • fair_deal

    susan and harris

    A thread has been started on the latest developments around the Ardoyne and other murder.

  • SuperSoupy

    re: Lurgan parade

    In relation to the 2000 parading on St Ptrick’s Day the Commission also states,

    “6. The Commission wishes to encourage a dialogue process in relation to parading issues in Lurgan. It considers that the organisation of what is a non-traditional parade on this particular day does not reflect a willingness on the part of the organiser and those involved to contribute to a process designed to bring about an accommodation on the parading issue in Lurgan”