Open Election Thread (4)…

Some of our commenters seem to have lots to talk about other than the topics of the current stories. To kick it off, can I pitch a question at our Nationalist commenters (though since this is open I hope it doesn’t restrict the conversation). In the past, we have expended gigabites of bandwidth in discussing whether or not some politicians are or are not Unionists. It is often a strangely moveable feast. For instance, BP1078, responding to SouperSoupy‘s note about the total Unionist vote being 47.8% (not including Alliance or the Greens) suggested that “with those kind of figures, time for SF and SDLP to push for an early border poll?” So my question (not necessarily aimed at SS) is “when is someone not a Unionist?”

  • John Farrell

    If any of you folks know how to resign from this site can you let me know please. I know I am old and stupid with difficulty remembering where the kitchen is…and no doubt if I click on right thingy, I might get a screen that says “confirm you wish to leave”.
    I wrote asking Mick stating I wanted to leave as Id got a couple of odd emails (thanks) and as Ive said before I was really only here for the duration of the campaign and aftermath.
    Mick has written back but he seems to have misunderstood the point of my email.
    Frankly I am a little disappointed in the Moderators. Obviously contributors are biased (if not necessarily sectarian) but I think its right to expect a higher standard from referees. As with any moderators, the defence no doubt is that they get criticism from both extremes. This “proves” the neutrality. All it does prove of course is that the hallowed middle ground is overly protected by a referee.

    Pierluigi Collina or Graham Poll.
    Anyway if any of you (DUP, UUP SF AP and SDLP contributions welcome) can tell me how to resign please speak up.

    The alternative is to say something really nasty about the Alliance Party, Deeney or the Green guy and of course they are beyond reproach.

  • Mick Fealty


    If you are contacted by people off site, through email, there is not a lot I can do about it other than offer what I did offer: ie, to launch a rocket at those concerned…

    We rely on the co-operation of our readership to let us know when something is out of bounds, or we happen upon it ourselves.

    You only mentioned one other thing, and I responded that in order to leave, I would go and manually do remove your email addresses.

    Otherwise, if you wish to leave, all you have to do is stop posting!

  • englishlord

    Clearly the nationalist baby boom of the 1970s and early 1980s (paid for by english taxpayers even though we had plus 10% unemployment) is now over so therefore in the absence of political violence (because PIRA couldn’t deal with SAS/UVF in mid ulster) the unionist population should stabilise and grow again. ha ha ha

  • BonarLaw


    “What I’m interested in is what Irishness means to the Ulster Prod”

    To this one, f@*k all.

  • Cahal

    BonarLaw, Kensei,

    Aren’t we being continually told by the likes of Willowfield that northern prods are just as Irish as the rest of us?

  • John Farrell

    Thanks Mick and as I indicated to you I will be leaving as I find the site less indespensible than Jonathan Freedland.
    Is there a way I can perhaps delete my contributions?

  • Reader

    Cahal: Aren’t we being continually told by the likes of Willowfield that northern prods are just as Irish as the rest of us?
    Then Willowfield and BonarLaw may be using different definitions of ‘Irish’. There are a dozen definitions to choose from.